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Many town have but one inn, and because of that fact the owners of said inns need not bother comeing up with a good name for their place. Let's come up with as many terrible names for a bar/inn as we can.

1) the rusty nail
2) the poisoned ail
3) the dirty mug
4) the hairy meal
5) the vomiting spider
6) the worted elf
7) the greasy mug
8) the hog's backside
9) the filthy plate
10) the leaky spitune
11.) The Gagging Goblin
12.) The Friendly Harpy
13.) The Warlock's Friend
14.) Smiley's Ale House
15.) The Bloated Ogre
16.) The King's Lost Eye
17.) The Belching Dwarf
18.) Moradin's Hairy Back
19. TPK Tavern
20) the box o' bile
21) the flaggon o' Phem
22) the scab bucket
23) The Hungry Hungry Hippogriff
24) The Beggar's Belief
25) the rancid outhouse
26) The Dragon's Liver
27) The Troll's Colon
28) What Ales You
29) Hair of the Dog
30) the festering rash
31) the seven stenchs
32. the dragons c**k
33. The Infected Platter
34. The Greasy Mug
35. This is a Tavern
36) the gugleing glurp
37) The weeping flesh wound. (known for the best white sauce in the land)

38) The ground glass pub

39) Bucket o' Bilge
40) the shifty barkeep
41) the dripping mold
42) the screeming supper
43. The Doomed Adventurer Bar and Grill
44. McDonald's
45. The Leaky Bladder
46. It's Not Human Meat, We Promise
47. Rob-U-While-U-Sleep Inn (Thanks, Order of the Stick!)
48. The Leaky Colon
49. Organs-Only
50. Floating Eyeball Brewery
51) the whatever you do don't go Inn
52) The hourly rate hotel (now hosed out twice a year)
53) The singing sphinctor
54) the naughty troll
55) Of rats and men
56) McDahmer's
57) Inn For The Win
58) Disjunction's Inn
59) Inn of Vecna
60) Flat-footed Inn
61.) The Red Dwarf
62.) The Lady Wizard
63.) The Firey Dragon (Intentionally misspelt)
64.) The Naughty Damsel
65.) The Goblin's Armpit

Mega-cookie who figures out where these 5 are all from. Same place for all of 'em.

66. Filth Fever Forever
67. Burglar King
68. The mimics' palace
69. Wererat'on hotel
70. The old hag's rags
71. A Vrock and a hard place
72. The fallen archon
73. The nine rooms of Baator
74. The paladin's worst nightmare
75. The Dead Patron
76. The Undead Patron
77. Cannibal's Delight Steakhouse
78. Al's All-Fungus Diner and Inn (Everything is fungal. The food, the drinks, the beds...)
79. The Fortitude Save Tavern
80. Cthulhu's Tentacle
81) Stuff I scraped from the Keel!
82) The Red Wizard's Lab
83) The B'Head-U Inn
84) The Uber-Priced-Yet-Not-So-Uber-Tasting-Ale-Inn :D
The Grimy Cauldron
The Barmaid's Nipple (Cookie for whoever gets the reference.)
87. The Yellow Stream*

*actual name for an inn I used in a White Plume Mountain game. The river nearby was called the Yellow River, due to the sulpher deposits along its banks. I said that the beer tasted much as the name would suggest :3
88) Cheers
23) The Hungry Hungry Hippogriff

89. The Inn
23) The Hungry Hungry Hippogriff

I totally missed that one! Brilliant.

90. The Tomb of Horrors
91. The Laughing Leper
92. Inn Before the Lock
93. The Flooded Nethers (a merfolk tavern in an undersea trench)
94. The Inn Crowd
95. Inn the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
96. Settling Inn
97. Gone with the W-Inn-d
98. Inndiana Jones
99. Breaking Inn
100. Inn Testin'

*Pun explosion.*
101. The Head of Vecna
102. The Lich's Lair
103. The Great Gazebo
104. The Other Inn
105. Legitimate Businessman's Association Inn
106. Don's Discount Dinners
107. The Fetid Dive
108. The Necromancer's Grin

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109) the wreched foot
110) the spastic colin
111) Ralph's
112. The Scurvy Stool
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113) the your locked Inn
1) the rusty nail

There's a local place called that near where i live, they have a great breakfast.

114 Greasy joe's greasatorium. (yell have at least 3 heart attacks or your money back)
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