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Hey guys, my buddy and I are looking for some people to create a weekly/bi-weekly D&D 4E group around the Irving area. We are looking for 2-3 people that have a genuine interest in having good, clean sessions of 4E. We believe that good sessions entail having fun hanging out with friends.

We would prefer to be players, but are not opposed to trading off DM responsibilities every few weeks so that everyone gets to play and manage. Sessions would most likely be held on the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, but that's subject to change.

If you're interested, let us know! We look forward to playing with you!
I'm up to playing 4E in Irving, send me a message.
I'm also interested in playing. Send me a PM with details.
I just moved to Irving last winter and hope to meet a few people that enjoy gaming.  Is this still discussion/group still active?
definately interested if there are still openings, i havent played 4e but have a good amount of the books
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