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I'm looking for games in Northern KY, seeking either players or DMs. I've got 3.5 experience, some 3.0, with Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance knowledge. Willing to try other settings (especially homebrew). I can fill any party role with any race/class restriction. I'm also willing to DM, but I don't really have experience.

If DMing, I'd prefer to host. I should note I do have a toddler and a girlfriend (maybe I can con one into joining ).

I'm not necessarily looking to play immediately. My old group disbanded a year and a half ago, and I'm feeling out what kind of groups are out there.

No e-mail or PM necessary. Just respond here (I don't have internet access anymore, but I can check in about weekly). Thanks.
I'm also in the NKY area and would like to get in a group.
even though I see this was on 2 22 so I am a little late, hit me up, always looking for people for a game, I have a group now... but we all hate DMing.
When you guys say "northern KY", what do you mean? I live in Georgetown. Are you guys close?
I'm also looking for a 4.0 Game and I'm in Hebron, KY. I have 3.5 experience but really only interested in a 4.0 game. Willing to DM or Player.
I am a new player in Florence area. Have the books and some experience. Looking for a weekly or every other week table. I can be the DM or a player, just want to get something started.
I really need to check a thread more than once every three years. But thank you, Shockwave, for reviving every LFG thread in N.KY.

I am still looking to game, and I am willing to DM (as long as I host). My greatest experience (and my book collection) is in 3.5, but if I'm playing and not DMing, I'll play anything. My good game days are Fridays and Sundays. If you haveĀ a group (or are wanting to join the formation of one), contact me via text message at (Eight-Five-Nine) Three-Two-Two Two-Nine-Two-Zero. Three years of hindsight tell me it's better to text than post here and think I'll respond.
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