Updated release date or new game info?

Has there been any talk of when the game will be released in the last couple months, or any new articles out there on the web about this game?

I doubt the activity level of these official forums (these are the official forums, right?) accurately display the level of interest in this game.

Awww, you got me excited, I thought there finally was an update
Nope, we haven't announced any dates. As soon as we have something to announce, we'll post about it here.
What is the status of U:GG with the recent Gleemax announcement?
I was just about to make a post - it's safe, it's being rebranded as a Wizards game instead of a Gleemax game.

I have no word on timeline or anything of that sort, but I can at least say that much
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Huzzah! Long live the goblin king!
So now it has been more than a year since the Alpha test, and more than 6 month since the 2 player test while visiting the UGG team. I know if there was anything to say, that we would have heard, but just thought I'd poke the forum anyway.

EDIT: From two sources, one being a post on the Magic boards, I have heard that UGG is now a back burner project, which explains why we aren't hearing anything even though enough time has passed if they were in active development.

Well, there are still people waiting for it.


WotC folks, any new word on Uncivilized?



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