Jedi Artisan?

Actually, I'd say just have a Jedi take the Tech Specialist feat. The only things the Jedi Artisan class offers that don't amount to standard RCR Jedi class features or bonus feats are Mastercraft Lightsaber and Material Mastery. The former maps almost direclty to the (RCR) Tech Specialist abilities of a similar name and which themselves map to the (SECR) Tech Specialist feat, and the latter is both badly worded (almost certainly meant to read 'non-living' rather than 'inorganic') and should be reserved for non-mechanical fluff for the most part.
That was the problem with what I've seen of RCR's numerous Jedi classes.

They all represent cool concepts but are so lacking mechanically that they have nothing to import into Saga Edition.
thats because the RCR was comparitivly inflexable, so you needed a seperatre PRC for every little variation of the base jedi class concent, with SWSE and it's extremely modular "create a character" system... that changes a little
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