Heating, Cooling, and other very fine manipulations of matter with the force

I'm thinking that it should be quite possible to manipulate matter at a very fine scale with the force. Things like cooling or heating by changing the speed of molecules, or picking up some fluid without using a glass. In the old West End Games, feats like seperating components of the air, or creating a vacuum in an open glass, were doable, but very tough.

So, how should this be worked out in game terms? Should there be some new force powers or talents? I'm still new to this version, but quite adept at West End Games's version.

(If you think it can't be done, that's a justifiable opinion, but I'm looking how to game it out, assuming that it can be done.)
I think it sounds good just make it a use the force check. depending on what your doing it would change the DC. like boiling a liter of water would be easier than a gallon.
I'm of the "spend a force point to do something cool with the force" school of thought.
Plo Koon was noted for his ability to manipulate the enviroment with the force. He could change the temperature enough to knock people out, freeze things, create fog and cause whirlwinds.

This was all due to his great knowledge of physics(and skill with the force). He understood how things worked alot more than other jedi and so used this knowledge to produce unusual effects with the force.

To generate these effects I would suggest the characters making a high Knowledge(Physical Sciences), check in conjunction with a Use the force check. As not many jedi tend to be trained in this skill this sort of thing rarely occurs though. I also place such DC's in the 30's to represent the great degree of fine manipulation with the force one needs and the level of understanding of physics.

Of course each check would be determined by the task but I wouldn't let any of them drop below 25 with 30-35 being the average, and preferably no upper end DC. I may also advocate the expenditure of a Force Point for such a task aswell.

I like to bring knowledge checks into the gameplay for my campaigns and let them have a real affect on encounters. Ideas are fine, but applying them requires knowledge and understanding.
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