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Any casual or serious games going on in New Haven at a regular basis? I live here, but I don't tend to get to play much as I don't know a single bloody person living here who plays. Only one card shop, and it's tiny, so that's no help. Anyone play! 'cause I'd love to find a casual group for weekly playing, or anything at all. Thanks guys.
a couple years late, but I am around for MTG casual play. I also know there is an MTG/Friday-Night-Magic game going on every friday in Stratford.
same thing as the other guy. I live in west haven right now so if any of you wanna play one day give me a call at 203-745-3696.
I live in downtown New Haven, and am up for casual play whenever.
I stopped collecting over a decade ago, though - so I guess I only play in Type 1 or 1.5 formats, but I am still pretty in the loop.
Post here if anyone wants to get together and play.
Just moved to New Haven, and looking for people to play. If any of you are still reading this, drop me an email if you want to get a game going. What's the closest place to New Haven that runs Friday Night Magic? I'm itching to draft again, as I haven't in about a year...

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I am Blue/White
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I live in Wallingford, CT (Not too far from New Haven) and am looking for some people to play/draft with. Feel free to email me at mrw1986 (at) snet.net
Hey, any of you guys still around? :P
I'm at the University of New Haven, I don't have my cards with me right now (I left them home for space issues), but I'm looking to get back into things.
E-mail me at Agardner at insideresports dot com
I live in Hamden, CT and tomorrow (Sat. Feb. 20) I'm running my first ever Magic Tournament at DJ's Card and Comic on Washington Ave. in North Haven at 1:30pm. It is a Vintage tournament and there is a $7 entry fee.

First Prize: 1 tournament pack or preconstructed deck of your choice from Kamigawa-Conflux.
Second Prize: 2 booster packs of your choice from Kamigawa-Conflux.
Third Prize: 1 booster pack of your choice from Kamigawa-Conflux.
All prizes depend on what product is in store. As of last Saturday Dave, the owner, had those sets in the store.

Since this is my first tourny and the first one DJ's has run in many years we don't know what kind of turnout to expect. In the past when many people played at the tourny's everyone got some sort of prize just for participating. Dave is a great guy and I know he will do the same if we can get a good turnout in later events! Hope to see you there!
my name is mitch and me and my friends are currently playing dsealed drafts once a week and casual play once a week and we would love more players we play multi player games 1 on 1 and 2on 2 games quite often i am currently
looking to purcase the vangaurds and playing with those we play type 2 mostly but we will play any type of magic my contact info is

myspace: mad666junglist
email: xxxdemosxxx at yahoo.com
if you cant find my profile on myspace my name is mitch doyle i would love to play more freqetly and well i hope to here from any one interested
Hey everyone. Hope I'm not too late, but I just started playing mtg. I live in westport, near norwalk. PM me if you want to play.
Hey. Just moved to North Haven. Looking for casual games, with particular interest in Commander. I could play Standard, but I wouldn't be playing with anything competitive (imagine a deck put together with lots of commons).

PM me if you've got a local playgroup or want to meet up for a game.  
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