W: Legacy of the Force Release Event Stuff

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Legacy of the Force Release Event Stuff:
Exclusive Legacy of the Force alternate-paint miniature
Poster Map (unless it's the same as the figure poster/map)
Scenario Sheet
Tournament Posters from all sets except LofF

01/60 Nomi Sunrider (VR)
19/60 Emperor Roan Fel (VR)
34/60 Kyle Katarn, Jedi Battlemaster (VR)
53/60 Boba Fett, Mercenary Commander (VR) (this is my major want at the moment)
14/60 General Dodonna (R)

Other figs I'm looking for:
Darth Revan (VR) (pending in, dojimaster)
Rancor (VR)
Feluccian Warrior on Rancor (VR)
Shaak Ti, Jedi Master (VR)
Storm Commando (R)

05/60 Darth Krayt (VR) (traded, mercenary @ www.starwarsminigames.com)
26/60 Moff Morlish Veed (VR)
36/60 Luke Skywalker, Force Spirit (VR)
54/60 Canderous Ordo (R) x2
27/60 Moff Nyna Calixte (R)
25/60 Marasis Fel (R) (traded, SaBoNim @ www.starwarsminigames.com)
08/60 Lumiya, the Dark Lady (R) (traded, SaBoNim @ www.starwarsminigames.com)
18/60 Antares Draco (R)
49/60 Jariah Syn (R) x2
12/60 Deena Shan (R) (traded, SaBoNim @ www.starwarsminigames.com)
10/60 Darth Tyranus, Legacy of the Dark Side (R) (traded, SaBoNim @ www.starwarsminigames.com)
09/60 Republic Training Sergeant (U) (traded, SaBoNim @ www.starwarsminigames.com)
30/60 Corellian Security Officer (U) x2 (1x traded, SaBoNim @ www.starwarsminigames.com)
51/60 Rodian Blaster-For-Hire (R) x3 (1x traded, SaBoNim @ www.starwarsminigames.com )
57/60 Yuuzhan Vong Elite Warrior (U) x3 (1x traded, SaBoNim @ www.starwarsminigames.com)
59/60 Yuuzhan Vong Shaper (U) x4

ALSO, I have the 14/60 General Dodonna (R) figure and the 12/60 Deena Shan (R) card. I'd like to swap with somebody if possible. I'd prefer to get the General Dodonna card since I already have extra of Deena Shan.
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