Trading SWM troop builders for A&A minis

Coruscant Guard x11
Stormtrooper x5
Elite Stormtrooper x2
Scout Trooper x2
Sandtrooper x6
Heavy Stormtrooper x3
Stormtrooper Officer x2
Imperial Officer x2
Sith Witch
X1 Viper Droid x4
Tuskin Raider Sniper x3
Gamorrean Guard
Bespin Guard x9
Human Mercenary x3
Abyssin Thug
Jedi Weapon Master
Gamorrean Thug
Dark Jedi Master
Rodian Mercenary
Human Blaster for Hire
Super Battle Droid
Massassi Sith Mutant
Weequay Leader
Aqualish Spy
Dark Jedi
Klatooinian Hunter
Devaronian Solider
Rodan Black Sun Vigo
Bodyguard Droid

Have (Rare):
AT-AT (opened, box and fig great condition, no map, includes everthing else)
Jango Fett (CS)
General Veers
Grand Moff Tarkin
Darth Vader, Dark Jedi
Luke Skywalker, Rebel

SWRPG Have's:
Ulitmate Advasairy's

Want: A&A minis
Tiger I (main want)

other german tanks and U.S. soliders

I am also willing to sale my minis, just PM me an offer.
PM sent last night...sorry for the delay
pm sent
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