Celticindians CS Trade/Sale Thread w/Aurra Sing

I have an entire case of Clone Strike, and would like to sell the entire thing in one shot, but am up for good or interesting trade offers. The case includes the following:

Aurra Sing
Agen Kolar
Destroyer Droid
Darth Sidious
Luminara Unduli
Seasee Tin
Dwarf Spider Droid
Mace Windu
Kit Fisto
Asajj Ventress
3 ea. Battle Droids 28-30
3 Gungans
3 ea. Clone Troopers 6 & 7
2 ea. Super Battle Droids 47 & 48
2 ea. Jedi Gaurdian
3 ea. Klatoonian Enforcer
2 ea. Genosian Drone
1 ea. Genosian Soldier
2 ea. Genosian Overseer
3 ea. Security Battle Droid
2 ea. Battle Droid Officer
3 ea. Clone Trooper Grenadier
3 ea. Clone Trooper Sgt.
2 ea. Clone Trooper Commander
1 ea. Arc Trooper
2 ea. Quarren Raiders
3 ea. Weequay Mercenary
3 ea. Nikto Soldier
4 ea. Devoronian Bounty Hunter
2 ea. Wookie Commando
2 ea. Naboo Soldier
1 ea. Rodian Mercenary
2 ea. Dark Side Acolyte
2 ea. Ishi Tib Scout

I am looking for the Cloud City promo map.
Little bump.
Le bump.
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