Massive collection up for sale at Draconarius' Minis House!!!

Hey, there, everyone!

The title pretty much says it all. My brothers and I simply don't have the time for the game anymore, and so we've decided to sell our minis to people who are going to have time to use them.

Anyway, please peruse my list and chuck as a PM if you are interested in purchasing any mini(s). If my PM box is full, send an email to:


The following rules apply:

  • Normal trading rules apply; if you have less refs than I do, then I will insist that you pay before I send. If its the other way around, then the decision will be up to you. I do have several refs on this site and I have a very respectable record on Ebay as 4bjck4. Send me an email through ebay to check that if you wish.
  • I will ship all minis promptly after a deal is confirmed (if I'm sending first) or after you have paid.
  • If you are outside of Australia, then PAYPAL will be the preferred method of payment. If you are inside Australia, then a direct bank deposit will be strongly preferred unless we agree on something else. I am flexible, though.
  • Postage costs are going to vary and will need to be discussed via PM / email. They will vary depending on whether or not you're in Australia and what service you want me to ship by (regular, express, ship, air, etc).
  • If you make an offer, please post in this thread! It's a nice polite way to start off our dealings.
  • I've done everything I can to make sure this list is accurate, but I will still confirm that I have the mini(s) that you ask for so we don't have any mix-ups.
  • Finally, I reserve the right to refuse any offer for any reason.

All minis are in set order and rares and very rares are in bold.

Please enjoy, and I look forward to doing business with you!

[SIZE=6IMPORTANT NOTE: I'll take $500 AUD for the lot. First in, first served rule applies.[/SIZE=6]


7. Dark Jedi (U) x2
8. Dark Jedi Master (U) x2
9. Dark Side Enforcer (U)
10. Darth Bane (VR)
11 Darth Malak (VR)
14. Massassi Sith Mutant (U) x3 - The arms on these minis weren't designed all that well, I think. They keep coming out. Nothing a bit of superglue won't fix, but just be aware that they aren't in perfect condition.
18. Sith Trooper Commander (U) x3
19. Ulic Qel Droma (VR)
22. Clone Commander Cody (R)
23. Clone Commander Gree (R)
24. Depa Billaba (R)
25. Even Piell (R) - bagged
27. Jedi Padawan (U)
28. Jedi Weapon Master (U) x2
29. Kashyyyk Trooper (C) x3
30. Mas Amedda (R)
31. Queen Amidala (R)
32. Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master (R)
33. Republic Commando--Boss (U) x2
34. Republic Commando--Fixer (C) x5
35. Republic Commando--Scorch (C) x6
36. Repuclic Commando--Sev (C) x3
37. Saleucami Trooper (C) x5
38. Utapau Trooper (C) x6
39. Crab Droid (U) x3
40. Darth Maul, Champion of the Sith (R)
41. Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith (R)
47. Dark Trooper Phase I (C) x5
48. Dark Trooper Phase II (U) x2
50. Sandtrooper (C) x3
51. Snowtrooper with E-web Blaster (R) - PENDING!!!
52. Corran Horn (R)
55. Arcona Smuggler (C) x3
56. Gundark (C) x2
58. R5 Astromech Droid (C) x5
60. Varactyl Wrangler (C) x4


I have these minis, both maps (laminated) and the scenario booklet. No box, I'm afraid.
1. AT-ST (R)
2. Scout Trooper (U)
3. Stormtrooper (C)
4. Stormtrooper Officer (U)


1. Clone Trooper (C) x4
2. Clone Trooper on BARC Speeder (R) x2 - PENDING!!!
3. Elite Clone Trooper (U) x5
4. Flash Speeder (U) x4
5. Obi-Wan on Boga (VR)
6. Battle Droid (U) x3
8. Hailfire Droid (U) x3
9. Nute Gunray (R)
10. Super Battle Droid (C) x5
11. Super Battle Droid Commander (U) x4
12. Abyssin Black Sun Thug (C) x6
14. ASP-7 (U)
15. B'omarr Monk (R)
16. Dash Rendar (R)
17. Dr Evazan (VR)
18. Gonk Power Droid (C) x7
19. Guri (R)
20. Kaminoand Ascetic (C) x3
21. Lando Calrissian, Hero of Tanaab (R)
22. Lobot (R) x2
23. Nexu (U) x3
24. Pondo Baba (R)
27. Reek (U) x3
28. Rodian Black Sun Vigo (U)
29. Shistavanen Pilot (U) x4
30. Tusken Raider on Bantha (U) x3
31. Vornskr (C) x2
35. Dark Side Marauder (U) x5
36. Dark Trooper Phase III (U) x2
40. Noghri (U) x3
41. Stormtrooper (C) x2
42. Stormtrooper Commander (U) x2
43. Admiral Ackbar (VR)
44. Bith Rebel (C) x4
45. Chewbacca, Rebel Hero (R)
46. Dressellian Commando (C) x4
47. Han Solo, Rebel Hero (R) x2
48. Luke Skywalker, on Tauntaun (R)
49. Nien Nunb (R)
51. Wedge Antilles (R)
52. Kyle Katarn (VR) - His lightsaber has a noticeable nick in it. It was like that when I traded for it, unfortunately.
56. Young Jedi Knight (C) x3
57. Nom Anor (R)
59. Yuuzhan Vong Subaltern (U) x4
60. Yuuzhan Vong Warrior © x8

Revenge of the Sith

2. Alderaan Trooper (U) x3
3. Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight ®
6. Captain Antilles ®
8. Clone Trooper © x2
9. Clone Trooper © x3
10. Clone Trooper Commander (U) x3
11. Clone Trooper Gunner © x3
12. Jedi Knight (U)
14. Mon Mothma (VR)
15. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master ®
16. Polis Massa Medic © x6
20. Stass Allie ®
22. Wookie Berserker © x4
25. Battle Droid © x4 - PENDING!!!
26. Battle Droid © x5- PENDING!!!
27. Bodyguard Droid (U)- PENDING!!!
28. Bodyguard Droid (U) x2 - PENDING!!!
30. Destroyer Droid ®- PENDING!!!
32. General Grevious, Supreme Commander ®
36. Nemoidian Soldier (U) x3
37. San Hill ®
38. Seperatist Commando © x2
39. Super Battle Droid © x3
40. Super Battle Droid © x2
41. Wat Tambor ® x2
42. Boba Fett, Young Mercanary ®
43. Chagrian Mercenary Commander (U)
44. Devaronian Soldier © x5
45. Gotal Fringer (U)
47. Iktotchi Tech Specialist (U) x2
48. Medical Droid ®
49. Nautolan Soldier © x3
52. Utapaun Soldier © x2
53. Utapaun Soldier © x5
54. Yuzzem © x3
55. Zabrak Fringer © x4
57. Dark Side Adept (U) x2
59. Emperor Palpatine, Sith Lord (VR)

Clone Strike

06. Clone Trooper ©
10. Clone Trooper Seargent ©
12. General Kenobi ® x2
14. Gungan Infantry ©
28. Battle Droid ©
31. Battle Droid Officer (U)
34. Dark Side Acolyte (U)
41. Genosian Drone ©
45. Jango Fett ®
46. Security Battle Droid ©
52. Gran Raider © x7
54. Klatooinian Enforcer ©
60. Zam Wessel ®

Rebel Storm

10. Luke Skywalker, Rebel ® x2
13. Princess Leia, Senator ®
14. R2-D2 ® x2 – bagged and unbagged
26. General Veers ®
27. Grand Moff Tarkin ®
41. Bespin Guard © x5
43. Dengar ®
44. Duros Mercenary ©
45. Ewok © x4
47. Gamorrean Guard (U) x3
51. Jawa ©
53. Mon Calamari Mercenary © x3
54. Quarren Assassin (U) x3
56. Bossk ®
57. Tusken Raider © x3
58. Twi’lek Bodyguard (U)
59. Twi’lek Scoundrel © x4

Other Items

Rebel Storm “Death Star” map – laminated x2 - PENDING!!! x1
Clone Strike “Muunilist” map – laminated
Revenge of the Sith “Damaged Starship” map (fold-out thick cardboard map)
Attack on Endor “Yavin IV Jedi Temple/Rancor Pit” map – laminated (mentioned in Attack on Endor above)
Attack on Endor “Endor Forest/Ravaged Base” map – laminated (mentioned in Attack on Endor above)
Rebel Storm “Turbolift Cluster” Tile x2
Rebel Storm “Shaft” Tile x2
Rebel Storm “Hyperdrive Station” Tile x2
Rebel Storm “Hangar Bay” Tile x2
Rebel Storm “Control Room” Tile x2
Rebel Storm “Storage” Tile x2
Rebel Storm “Cargo Bay” Tile x2
Rebel Storm “Detention Block” Tile x2
Clone Strike “Power Station” Tile
Clone Strike “Battle Droid Factory” Tile
Clone Strike “Destroyer Droid Factory” Tile
Clone Strike “Crater” Tile
Clone Strike “Shattered Hall” Tile
Clone Strike “Shattered Pillar” Tile
Clone Strike “Speeder Wreck” Tile
Clone Strike “Execution Pillars” Tile

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