Gotal Mercenary

So is true that if the Gotal Mercenary can make an attack from it's starting space, that it cannot use Intuition at the beginning of the round? I'm not 100% of this. Thanks in Advance.
Not sure what you are asking in the first part, but it can use intuition to move even if it sees an enemy do to the definition of mercenary. Since you cant attack before its turn, it is allowed to move.
There was one like this earlier. and i am pretty sure it was determined that because the ability states that if he can make an attack from his starting position he can't move. but he can't attack using intuition, so therefore can move.
I did a search for this very question and only found it asked here and not answered so :bump for an answer.
It was answered several times, but I am not surprised you couldn't find it, I have trouble finding the right threads depending on what people called them

Anyways, yes, mercenary is not in effect in the case of intuition.

The rationale, you cannot attack during the intuition time frame, so you can move. Its the same as say R2 towing a Merc - which is also movement, but is allowed.

Hope that helps
Thanks for the answer!
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