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1 Masters of the Force Mini-FAQ

1 The Dark Times Mini-FAQ

Commander Effects

Major Maximillian Veers
Q: Can the character move before Twin Attack is used, and if so, assuming the character moves out of line of sight is the Twin Attack lost?
A: Yes, and yes the Twin Attack would be lost if the character is no longer a legal target for some reason.

Q: Does the movement from his commander effect provoke attacks of opportunity?
A: Yes.

Q: What step does missing occur in when resolving effects?
A: When missed by an attack effects occur in the same step as when hit by an attack effects.

Special Abilities

Q: How does Reinforcements affect the cost of a character when checking Bravado?
A: Reinforcements does not affect the cost of a character; it changes the value in victory points. Compare to whatever cost was paid to add the character into the Reinforcements pool.

Breath Mask
Q: Does Breath Mask work on an ability like Poisoned Blade?
A: Yes.

Final Shot
Q: Does Final Shot work with Twin Attack if the character isn't defeated by the first attack for some reason?
A: Yes.

Q: Does the 501st Legion Stormtrooper get to use Rapport when it's in a squad with Vader's Apprentice Unleashed?
A: Yes.

Snare Rifle
Q: If the current square is an illegal position for some reason, who decides which square to place the character in?
A: The player who controls the moving character.

Q: If the current square is an illegal position for some reason and multiple squares are tied for the nearest, how do you determine which one to place the character in?
A: The player who controls the moving character chooses.

Q: If the current square is an illegal position for some reason and the character designates they will move into a specific square giving up an attack of opportunity, would he be forced to end in that square if hit by a snare gun or would the player still get to choose.
A: The movement is interrupted by Snare Rifle. The player may choose a different square if desired.

Q: Does a character that's been affected by Snare Rifle get to use their movement later at the end of the round?
A: No. Any movement the character is granted during the round through turns or other effects is basically lost. The following round, the character could then move as normal.

Q: Can Major Maximillian Veers be in the same squad as General Veers?
A: No.

1 Galaxy At War Mini-FAQ

Commander Effects

Admiral Yularen
Q: Does Admiral Yularen's commander effect affect a character with Melee Attack if it uses an ability or power that makes the attack nonmelee, like Lightsaber Throw?
A: No. The character still has Melee Attack, and does not qualify for this commander effect.

Captain Mar Tuuk
Q: Can Captain Mar Tuuk's commander effect modify the 1 activation from San Hill's commander effect? In DCI play can you activate 2 rather than the standard 1 when you go first in the round?
A: Yes to both. (Note that the former question would not be applicable to the somewhat similar Grand Moff Tarkin and Admiral Ozzel interaction due to the difference in wording.)

Captain Rex 501st Commmander
Q: Do Captain Rex 501st Commmander's commander effect and Clone Commander Gree's similar commander effect work together allowing 4 extra squares of movement for some characters?
A: Yes.

General Skywalker
Q: If a character with Galloping Attack is in a squad with General Skywalker can you use Momentum on each attack as long as you end your movement within 6 squares of General Skywalker?
A: No. The character does not gain Momentum until it ends its move within 6 of General Skywalker. It would only gain Momentum on attacks that occur after the move ends.

Special Abilities

Ground Pilot
Q: Does Ground Pilot add to base Speed or to the total squares moved?
A: The base Speed, so the typical character with Speed 6 will be Speed 8, and 16 if it moves double speed.

Q: Is a character with Ground Pilot considered a Pilot?
A: No.

Rolling Cleave
Q: How does Rolling Cleave interact with Galloping Attack?
A: Rolling Cleave works as normal once during the turn and potentially triggers another Galloping Attack if the square moved ends adjacent to another character. Resolve the movement first, then the Rolling Cleave Attack, then the Galloping Attack.

Q: Can Rolling Cleave be used with Strafe Attack? Can you modify your path (not the ending space) with it? If you can, can you move over someone to trigger a Strafe Attack?
A: Rolling Cleave works as normal once during the turn and potentially triggers another Strafe Attack if the square moved will enter a square containing an enemy character. Resolve the Strafe Attack first (before entering the square, as usual,) then the movement, then the Rolling Cleave attack if there's an adjacent enemy. Note the character whose square has been entered will not be eligible for the Rolling Cleave attack as it's not in an adjacent square. Only the landing space is pre-determined so the player may move into any square that doesn't prevent reaching the designated ending space or violate the other movement rules during a Strafe Attack.

Q: If a character with Heavy Weapon also has Rolling Cleave, is its instant movement after defeating an adjacent character suppressed by Heavy Weapon or is it an exception on that character's turn?
A: The character may not move during its turn since it attacked.

Medical Supplies
Q: Can Medical Supplies be given to one character total for the entire skirmish, or one character per round?
A: It can be used each time this character can replace its turn so typically once per round, but there are methods to take more than one turn in a round.

Q: Can Medical Supplies be used by a character with 0 Attack or 0 Damage like a Mouse Droid even though the ability it grants replaces attacks?
A: Yes.

Munitions Supplies
Q: Can Munitions Supplies be given to one character total for the entire skirmish, or one character per round?
A: It can be used each time this character can replace its turn so typically once per round, but there are methods to take more than one turn in a round.

Q: Can Munitions Supplies be used by a character with 0 Attack or 0 Damage like a Mouse Droid even though the ability it grants replaces attacks?
A: Yes.

Roger Roger
Q: Can a character with 0 Damage like a Mouse Droid benefit from Roger Roger?
A: No. Per the glossary entry, Roger Roger does not apply to characters with a 0 Damage stat. Some confusion was created by an early version of the Checklist/Insert appearing on the Products page prior to the release of the Galaxy At War set, but the final version of the insert is correct.

Q: Does General Skywalker count as Anakin Skywalker when building squads?
A: Yes.

2 Jedi Academy Mini-FAQ

NOTE: The Jedi Academy rules insert can be found here instead of the normal location on the RULES page.

Special Abilities:

Q: Could a Jedi Crusader include both Revan and Malak in its squad or is it limited to one or the other?
A: Both.

Q: Can Garm Bel Iblis bring in an Antarian Ranger or Yuuzhan Vong Ossus Guardian into a New Republic or Rebel squad through his Reinforcements?
A: Yes to a New Republic squad, both these characters are allowed in New Republic squads. No to a Rebel squad. The faction is not adjusted until after the character is legally added to the squad and neither of these characters is allowed in a Rebel squad.

Internal Strife
Q: What happens if a character with Internal Strife rolls a 1 while attacking a character with Betrayal?
A: The player controlling the character with Internal Strife is the acting player and gets to choose which order to resolve these simultaneous effects in. The most likely choice is to resolve Betrayal first, then resolve Internal Strife effectively keeping the character on your squad, but it is not required.

Q: By using the Jedi Crusader's Affinity, can Squint and Malak end up in the same squad?
A: Yes. In general, the designers try to prevent such situations within the standard faction-based squad building rules but various abilities and play formats can result in discrepancies.

Q: Can Leia Skywalker Jedi Knight be in a squad with Leia Organa Solo Jedi Knight?
A: No. The key word in determining this character's uniqueness is "Leia."

Yuuzhan Vong Collaborator
Q: Does this ability work with a Yuuzhan Vong Ossus Guardian who has used Affinity to join a New Republic squad?
A: No. That changes the character's faction to New Republic so it is no longer part of the Yuuzhan Vong faction.

Force Powers:

Q: Can a character with the ability to spend Force points more than once use this ability more than once on the same attack if the attacker makes the first save?
A: No.

3 Imperial Entanglements Mini-FAQ

Commander Effects

Emperor Palpatine on Throne
Q: Can a character without a Force rating spend this character's Force points?
A: Yes.

Jabba the Hutt
Q: Does Jabba's commander effect refer to characters with the Bounty Hunter ability, or Bounty Hunter in their name, or both?
A: The Bounty Hunter ability only.

Mercenary Commander
Q: When a character with Mercenary gains Furious Assault, can he use it if he starts in a square where he can make an attack?
A: No. The character would only be able to use Furious Assault when the Mercenary restriction is not applicable.

Moff Jerjerrod
Q: Would this effect stack with Baron Fel's commander effect, or Battle Meditation, or Control Minds?
A: Yes to Baron Fel's effect; it modifies the combined fire rule rather than directly affecting a statistic. Yes to Battle Meditation; it specifically says it stacks with such abilities. No to Control Minds; it creates another direct bonus to a statistic from a commander effect.

Q: Does Xizor's commander effect refer to characters with the Black Sun ability, Black Sun in their name, or both?
A: Both, per the errata to the Black Sun ability.

Special Abilities

Q: Does Pathfinder affect characters within six, or terrain squares within six?
A: Terrain squares. A large or bigger character could conceivably be within six squares but still slowed by terrain further away.

Q: Does Pathfinder affect low objects also?
A: No.

Relay Orders
Q: Does Relay Orders work with commander effects that affect adjacent characters?
A: No. It only works when a range is specified.

Q: Is a character with Relay Orders affected by Disruptive?
A: No. Disruptive only affects the commander or the character receiving the effect. Note that if the commander is in range of Disruptive, his commander effect is completely shut down even for a character within range of Relay Orders unaffected by Disruptive.

Q: Is the character with Relay Orders affected itself by commander effects?
A: No. But if you had two characters with Relay Orders each could potentially affect the other.

Q: Can a savage character use an ability that replaces turn if doing so would prevent him from moving adjacent to an enemy?
A: No.

Q: Can a savage character who starts adjacent to enemies use an ability that replaces turn if it will result in moving all those enemies away, like Force Push 5 for example?
A: Yes.

Speed 0
Q: Can a character with Speed 0 board a transport like the Troop Cart?
A: Not on its normal move on its turn. You must move at least 1 square to end a move and qualify to board.

Force Powers

Levitation 1
Q: How is the movement from Levitation carried out? Can the character go anywhere on the map? Through walls? Through enemy characters?
A: The affected character may take any desired path, one space at a time, through squares that are within 6 squares of the character with Levitation. Other characters and terrain are ignored but the character may not cross through walls.

Q: Can you use Levitation to drop an allied character into a pit square?
A: No.

Q: Would Levitation movement trigger Mines?
A: Yes.

Q: Can Levitation be used to board an ally onto a transport like the Troop Cart?
A: Not directly. The only way to board a transport is to end a move in a square adjacent to it. Levitation is movement, so it can achieve that proper method without actually moving the character onto the transport.

Q: Could Levitation be used to move a character into range of Ysalamiri?
A: Yes.

Lightsaber Reflect
Q: Does Lightsaber Reflect on Darth Vader Legacy of the Force really reflect all damage back at the attacker, and if so, is this retroactive to older characters with Lightsaber Reflect?
A: Yes, it reflects all damage, but no it is not retroactive to older characters at this time.

4 Clone Wars Mini-FAQ

Commander Effects

Darth Sideous, Hologram
Q: Does this commander effect work on characters without a Force rating?
A: Yes.

Q: When a character without a Force rating receives Force Renewal and gains one or more Force points is it then considered to have a Force rating?
A: No, it just has Force points which may be spent to move faster or reroll an attack or save.

Special Abilities

Q: Does Blaster use the normal targeting rules?
A: Yes.

Q: Would abilities like Jedi Hunter work when using Blaster?
A: Yes. It works like any other attack in regard to bonuses to Attack or Damage.

Q: Can a character with invisibility be targeted by targeted abilities when adjacent, or just attacks?
A: Targeted abilities may be used as well, if adjacent.

Q: Does a character with Invisibility still grant cover to a character behind it?
A: Yes.

Q: If a character moves into a square adjacent to two characters with Mines, does the character have to make two saves?
A: No. Multiple copies of the same ability do not stack. The character makes one Mines save when entering a particular affected square.

Q: Does a large or bigger character make more than one Mines save if its move causes it to enter multiple squares affected by Mines?
A: No. A space of movement either triggers Mines or not. You just make one Mines save per space of movement even if you enter several affected squares.

Q: Does a character with Flight have to make the Mines save?
A: Yes, it still moved into the square.

Q: If a character enters the adjacent square by disembarking a transport or being swapped in through a commander effect like Grand Admiral Thrawn's does it make a Mines save?
A: No. Those examples are not movement.

Q: Is this immunity the same as for droids where it just prevents doubling of damage, or does it completely nullify the critical hit?
A: It nullifies the critical hit, but does not nullify the number rolled on the die. So damage would not be doubled, and something like the Chagrian Mercenary Commander's commander effect would not trigger, but Disintegration would still occur if a 20 was rolled.

Soresu Style Mastery
Q: Does Soresu Style Mastery work on all attacks, or just melee attacks?
A: All attacks. See the Errata for the change to Soresu Style Mastery.

5 Knights of the Old Republic Mini-FAQ

Commander Effects

Captain Tarpals
Q: Can you use the same ability twice, and are Force powers allowed if you have a way to spend Force points more than once per turn?
A: Yes to both.

Q: How exactly are the two abilities resolved? Can I use one, move, then use the other?
A: You can't split them up. You use both at the point where you replace your attacks. Declare and resolve the first ability of your choice, then immediately declare and resolve the second.

Special Abilities

Bombad Gungan
Q: Does Bombad Gungan work any time you target including Missiles or Force Lightning, for example, or only when you make a targeted attack?
A: Any time you target.

Q: What exactly does it mean when the attack or ability is "redirected". Does the other character become the target?
A: No. It becomes a non-targeted attack on the selected character, so something like Draw Fire would no longer be possible after redirecting for example.

Q: Could Bombad Gungan be used to force a character to attack a character with a special abilty that makes it an illegal target, like a Cloaked character from a non-adjacent square, or an Order 66 character attacking Emperor Palatine Sith Lord?
A: Yes.

Q: Does Bombad Gungan allow you to attack a character you can't normally attack, like a character 6 squares away with a melee attack, or a Diplomat when you can see an enemy non-Diplomat?
A: Yes.

Q: What about a similar situation with a character you can't normally affect, say a Droid when using Thud Bug, or a character with Force Immunity when using Force Lightning?
A: You still wouldn't be allowed to affect them even if you can redirect to them if there are additional limitations outside of those related to targeting.

Q: If Bombad Gungan forces a character to attack itself, and it has an ability like Momentum or Lightsaber, would the character count as adjacent to itself?
A: A character does not count as adjacent to itself.

Q: If a Melee Attack character attacks Jar Jar from an adjacent square, does it still count as adjacent when redirected to a character 6 away?
A: No. It wouldn't count as attacking an adjacent enemy for determining cover or for abilities like Mighty Swing or Momentum for example.

Q: Would Overwhelming Force prevent Bombad Gungan from being used?
A: Yes.

Q: Is Bombad Gungan optional?
A: No.

Cortosis Gauntlet
Q: If a character with Cortosis Gauntlet gets a bonus on a save from something like Mettle or Karmic Luck, would the bonus be included in determining if Cortosis Gauntlet triggers?
A: Yes. If you have Cortosis Gauntlet 18 and a +4 bonus to the roll for some reason, a roll of 14 or greater would trigger Cortosis Gauntlet.

Destabilize Shields
Q: Does this ability suppress Energy Shield or Molecular Shielding?
A: Yes.

Q: What exactly does "suppress" mean in game terms? Does the character lose the ability?
A: No. The character retains the ability, but the ability may not be used.

Djem So Style
Q: Djem So Style says you have to declare an ability like Lightsaber Riposte before make the save. Does this mean I can't use Djem So Style if I decide to use Riposte?
A: No. It just means you can't wait to see whether or not you make the Djem So save before deciding to Riposte or not. You will still make the Djem So Style save later in the sequence regardless of your choice with Riposte.

Q: If I make the save for Djem So Style but don't want to attack for some reason like the character having Self-Destruct or Cortosis Guantlet can I choose not to?
A: Yes. The attack is optional, similar to an attack of opportunity.

Energy Shield
Q: On a failed save the attacker takes the damage, but what about additional effects like Paralysis, or Disintegration?
A: The original target takes them since they were still hit by the attack.

Q: If an enemy piece is next to my character with Energy Shield, does that mean my attacks could be reflected back at my characters?

A: No. Energy Shield only works when an enemy of the character with Energy Shield attacks this character or an adjacent character. An opponent could gain some extra protection in such a case in a 3 player game, but never from the characters allied with the Energy Shield character.

Eternal Hatred
Q: On a successful Eternal Hatred save, do you get Force points back too and does the character count as activated?
A: No. The only thing that changes is that hit points are restored. The character's position, activation state, Force points, and any effects on the character (like Cortosis Guantlet) remain unchanged.

Melee Reach
Q: If a Melee Reach character also has an ability like Momentum or Charging Assault can it use them all from a square 2 squares away?
A: Yes. The character moved, and is attacking an adjacent enemy.

Poisoned Blade
Q: If a character with Poisoned Blade gets a critical hit, would you double the 10 Damage from the card, or the 20 Damage from the ability?
A: Poisoned Blade changes the base Damage to 20 when adjacent, so that would be doubled to 40.

Q: Is Poisoned Blade optional? Can the character make a nonmelee attack when adjacent if there's a tactical reason to do so?
A: No, it's not optional.

Q: Can other characters combine fire with a character when Poisoned Blade is in effect?
A: No. It's not clear in the rulebook, but a character making a melee attack is not allowed to combine fire even if it doesn't have the Melee Attack special ability. This will be clarified in a future version of the rules.

Rakghoul Disease
Q: Can a new Rakghoul be used immediately?
A: Yes. When placed, it does not count as having activated during the current round.

6 Starship Battles Mini-FAQ


Q: What happens if all the starships in a fleet can't fit in the setup area?

A: Place all the Class 1 and 2 ships first, as close together as possible. (No intentionally spacing them out so fewer fit.) If they won't all fit, additional ships may be placed outside, but as close as possible, to the setup area. Then place all Class 3s by the same procedure.

Move Phase

Q: A fighter that moves into a square adjacent to an enemy fighter must stop, but what if the fighter starts adjacent to an enemy fighter?

A: It will be able to move at least 1 square. You do not check squares a fighter is leaving, only squares it enters. If any square it enters is adjacent to an enemy fighter (even a fighter it started adjacent to) then it must stop.

Q: If a fighter moves through a square occupied by a larger allied starship which is also adjacent to a square containing an enemy fighter, what happens?

A: The fighter must stop in this square because it’s adjacent to an enemy fighter, but it isn’t allowed to stop in a square occupied by another ship. For that reason it is not a legal square to move into and it may not move into this square in the first place.

Q: When a class 1 or 2 starship displaces an enemy fighter, it says the ship moves the shortest possible distance. Does "moving off the map" have a distance or is displacement only allowed to the nearest square on the map?

A: It’s the nearest square on the map. You cannot displace enemy fighters off the map.

Q: Can a ship capable of diagonal movement end its movement facing diagonally?

A: No. There are only four available facings.

Q: Can a class 1 or 2 ship turn without moving one square, or turn after moving one square?

A: No. If it is going to turn, it must always turn just prior to a square of forward movement.

Attack Phase

Q: Can a starship fire all its weapons in a round, or do you have to choose just one?

A: It may fire all its weapons.

Q: Can a Front Spine or Broadside attack fire into a triangular area like the defensive faces in the picture on page 11 of the rulebook, or just into a line of squares as wide as the base of the ship?

A: A line of squares as wide as the base of the ship. For example, the Invisible Hand is on a 2x2 square base. Its Broadside attack would be 2 squares wide and extend to the edge of the map. It could choose one target ship that is in the affected squares.

Q: Does a broadside or front spine weapon hit every enemy in the affected area, or just one?

A: Just one. You must choose a target as normal. Broadside and front spine attacks just have fewer squares they can fire into compared to the standard 360 degree weapons.

Q: Can a single broadside weapon really fire twice if there are enemy starships on both the left and right sides of the starship?

A: Yes.

Q: Can any weapon on any starship be used in any order when resolving attacks?

A: No. Resolve all Point Defense on all starships first. Then select one starship and resolve all its weapons in any order of your choosing. Continue choosing one ship at a time to resolve its weapons.

Q: Jango’s Slave 1 has Seismic Mines +4 Point Defense and also has a PD +4 rating. Are those the same +4 or do they get added together for +8?

A: They’re the same. Seismic Mines is the reason the class 3 ship gets a PD rating. The total bonus is +4.

Q: Does Vader's TIE Fighter really have Evasion instead of Jedi Evasion, and if so, what possible use is it?

A: Yes, it's really Evasion. It's only beneficial in a couple unusual cases--attacking Vader from 2 away using the Incoming Fighters Command, and when taking damage through Emporer's Will on Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle from a non-adjacent enemy.

Fleet Command Options

Q: I’m a bit confused about how Command counters are used in the game. Can you give a brief explanation?

A: Start with the command counters on the ship card. Play a command counter by removing it from the ship and placing it on the desired option on the Fleet Command chart. You may not place two counters on the same option--that option may not be used again for the rest of the round. At the end of the round, clear all the counters from the chart. (They are done for the game; they do not get restored to the command ship.)

Q: Fly Casual seems to be worded a bit differently from most of the other options. Does Fly Casual allows any ship to avoid a hit (not just class 3 starships)? Can it be used more than once per round?

A: No and no.

Q: Does Jango’s Slave 1 get to use Point Defense on all fighters within 2 squares if the Incoming Fighters Fleet Command Option is in effect?

A: Yes.

Q: Can a play a Command counter on a ship that has already been destroyed or a fighter that hasn’t been launched yet?

A: No to a ship that has been destroyed. Yes to a fighter prior to being launched.


Q: The glossary states under "initiative check" that the winner of the initiative roll can choose to move first or second. Is this correct?

A: No. The glossary is in error. The winner of the initiative rolls moves second as described in the main rulebook.

Q: The glossary states under "in a square" that class 1 starships occupy a 3x3 square space. Is this correct?

A: No. The glossary is in error. Class 1 and 2 starships occupy a 2x2 square space. See the picture on page 9 of the rulebook for how they are positioned on the map and how they move.


This list will be kept updated with open issues, and rulings that may not be a 100% certainty without a confirmation from R&D.

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