General Rieekan's up!!!

Wow and it's allies not followers!
Wow and it's allies not followers!

Yeah, and that makes the Rebels much much better! Imagine, all Hans have evade, all Chewies, Leias, Lukes, Commandos, commanders... All have evade and Mobile with this beast!

He will find a home in many, of not all, Rebel Squads!!!

Move over Jan Dodona... You have a Partner!!!

EDIT: Oh and add in the TBSV, and now you have Greater Mobile Attack!!!
Rebels just got a whole lot stronger with TBSV and Rieekan. He's even costed 9 less than the NR Wedge.
There's a baaaaaaaad waldorf salad! :P

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Wow, this is insane. 9 pts less than Wedge, who is already an excellent piece for his points. This guy has lower stats (less hp, less Def, no Accurate), but I'll gladly take those decreases for 9 points.

Rebels just got a LOT better. The Rebels already had the things that the NR lacked (strong movement breakers, cheap Override, cheap Disruptive) and now they also have an uber commander effect. Wow.
Helllooooo mr. $20 piece! Why couldnt you be a rare?
Now people seeing 3POED for a cheap Draw Fire and Disruptive to help this guy survive? I know I will use it...
wow for 23 points with rebels now you get basically wedge and dodonna.....

I guess it is great if you are a huge rebel player. For me I dont like seeing the other factions get left behind badly at times. It is disappointing to me that in a set featuring imps and rebs.... the imps are no closer than they were before the set came out.... becsue whatever they seem to get the rebels get more.

Like I said cool if you love to face Rebels or run the Rebels.
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Spank you very much!
.... the imps are no closer than they were before the set came out....

Dude, we still havent seen the new Sidious. For all we know he could end up being the GGDAC of IE.
Wow. Palpatine had better be crazy-good or the Rebels are going to be nigh unstoppable.
Seems a little too cheep to me.
Thank you, Bantha.

Gosh-darn it I lost my signature.
this is just dumb. loda the snow speeder kota hans. why give the rebels evade. now they have everything. im really not happy with this piece.
And this, my friends, is why melee is going to make a huge comeback.

IMAGE( Sig by zpikduM.

Don't like this one at all. Its too cheap. Ruminate on this one I will.
At least Rebels have the cheap disruptive available to counter this guy. Wouldn't want them falling too far behind
I am of the opinion that the cost is a misprint, though it may not be.

IMAGE( Sig by zpikduM.

And this, my friends, is why melee is going to make a huge comeback.

I agree.
I agree.

Apparently they decided Wedge wasn't enough :P.

IMAGE( Sig by zpikduM.

The good guys (with the exception of OR) sure seem to be getting a lot of love...

I think all I'll see winning tournaments out here will be Rebels, Republic, or NR.

Wow. That might have just completely destroyed the balance of the game. 32 points for Greater Mobile Attack and Evade on all pieces in a Rebel squad. (Fringe included!)
I am of the opinion that the cost is a misprint, though it may not be.

Agreed... And I think it is a good thing! We need something to help boost Melee, especially with JA coming out, I would like to see more melee pieces played. Even Melee and Range up a little more!
The only other thing that comes to mind is that his CE might actually only apply to non-uniques, and it's simply a misprint there. I really, really do not want to see this piece in the game right now.

IMAGE( Sig by zpikduM.

Don't forget though, the TBSV's CE is still Followers...

It is nice for Princess Leia to finally get Evade and Mobile, definitely helps her survive longer (unless you keep her hidden at all times and don't shoot with her). My AA swarm just got a new buddy with this piece, Han STA really needed Evade...

I don't think the cost is a misprint. Wedge had a lot of extra stuff that increases his cost (Avoid Defeat isn't exactly a cheap ability).
well I guess the games are gonna get a lot longer with all the cheap evade.

I realize we have not seen the new Palps.... but a 14 point copy cat of a wedge???? WOW..... FOR REAL? (yellow rebel surfboard goes by.....)

I must say either Palps is gonna be so freakin awesome we cannot fathom how cool he is.... or the Imps are in deep poop!!!

I must say I am not crazy for everyone having evade in the rebel faction.... but yeah I would say that melee just got popular if you dont want to run rebels....

I think a whole lot of people are gonna get sick of seeing Yobuck, Panaka, Rex and Roron together.....

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Did they just give Loda evade??
Very dangerous piece right there.

No range limit on the CE, and with it being allies in one of the heaviest unique factions, the rebel heroes havve now gotten a little TOO good.

Im in the same boat as a few here, I'll reserve final judgement until I see it in action. Lets hope Palps can balance the scales, because if not, Rebels WILL become a force beyond cannon squads.
At least he does not have evade himself.
Beastly. Shooting the enemy continues to get tougher and tougher, bringing melee more and more into prominence. And considering that most of what we previously thought of as the "good" shooters were those that had mobile and evade already this closes the gap between the good and bad shooters in the Rebel (and Fringe to an extent) faction.

So the Rebs and NR are the kings of avoiding range damage, the Republic and Empire depend more on super-stealth and swapping, and the Seps are positioned as depending on overwhelming firepower if/when they have a chance to shoot.
I think outside of Loda and the Snowspeeder I actually like it.

At the very least, its yet more cheap tech for the Rebels, and most players wont know what to leave out.

Gonna see more melee being played for sure though, so it might be a good thing, I'm just not sure yet if it wasn't too much. Should have cost 24 I think.
i like him. since the imperials are doing all the damage, the rebels have to find away around it somehow.

very important to make commanders more survivable. good alternative to just giving the rebel booming voice. make commanders more battle ready.

not a game changer though just nice to see some defense moving pace with damage. but it still has a long way to catch up.
Riekan is good. Definately did NOT need this piece, though. Some VERY dangerous combos. I have to go through all my Rebel pieces again. Some squads don't benefit from him, in fact I don't see the benefits of adding him to MANY top Rebel squads.

As for whose on top. With that Thrawn, is there still debate that Imps won't be a force to reckoned with? I am now a little worried to see what Palpatine is bringing to the table...
The Rebels are now overpowered and likely my least favorite faction.
As someone who has been labeled frequently a "Rebel fanboy," I'm more disappointed in this piece than I was in the new 3P0.

It's too much for the Rebels. They already have all the cool toys. And yes, this is coming from the guy who plays Rebels more than any other faction.

It's probably going to **** people off when I say this - but I realized within 2 seconds of reading that card that I will NEVER use that figure in a GenCon Hoth event.

I've made the event difficult enough for the AT-ATs as it is.
It's still Loda and Snowspeeder running around with friggin evade and greater mobile.

Other fun pieces that get greater mobile and evade are Felcor, Cade, Kreia, Boba Merc, the list goes on...:D
I love it. The Rebels were a bunch of run and gun and dodge fighters in the first place. They be should be good, they did topple the Empire after all. :D

He probably is a bit "aggressively priced", but there are still counters available. How cool to get him as a preview since so many have been waiting for his stats.
I like this piece ... for 14 point cost it was costed aggressively :D But You wont get to use recon always since it will get your general killed. Therefore the 14 points is just solely for the CE which should OK. Furthermore ... did rebel not BEAT the imperial? They did and their faction should be GREAT ... yes I like it .... Kota and Shaak Ti will be beast:D
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  • ooh mobile evading force push 4

    ooh and nym just may be useful somewhat
    I am digging this guy, now even crap squads have infinite potential!
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