The Future of Star Wars!!! (Spoiler Alert)

Spoiler Alert!!!

Some of you are probably wondering what I am talking about, but I found an article over @ revealing news about the future of Star Wars Literature, the next 3 years to be precise...

The Next Three Years

More outline

-More information about the Fate of the Jedi Series, which is a nine book, hardcover, series taking place 2 years after LotF, is revealed, including the first 2 titles:

Outcast - by Aaron Allston
Enigma - by Christie Golden

-Zekk makes his return, in the spring of '09, in the standalone paperback novel set shortly after LotF:

Blood Oath - by Elaine Cunningham

-Bane's 3rd book kicks of the year 2010, which is a hardcover written by Drew Karpyshyn. No title yet...

-For you Old Republic Fanboys, there is a standalone hardcover novel set in the time of the ancient Jedi Knights! That will be interesting, I'll have to check it out...

-Plus many other books, including the rest of the Clone Wars books, Imperial Commando books, Essential Guide books, and several standalone books.

Looks like the picking will be ripe for more Star Wars Miniatures Sets in the future! I really want to see a Zekk, a new Jaina, a Ben Skywalker and a Luke Grandmaster... I guess you can tell that I'm a NR fan, eh!!!
i saw this article and posted on another forum i am looking forward to finding out the fate of the jedi. I think is goin to see the sith coming out of hiding by takeing out the jedi 1 by 1 with luke leia and han dieing {got to happen some time} in some boaring way, like as han hand slips with the heavy set in arthritis thats in his right hand he doesnt put the falcon in to hyperdrive rather in to hyperreverse and crashes in to a small herd of banther.
well maybe not but i can see a lot of poeple being dissapointed with how our fav heros die.
ah here it is my trade bit lots of promos inside issuses 2 and 4 of deagostini and repaints some new updates in there now too go on have a little looky madds trades madds squads trade house TEMPORARY HOME FOR THE Good Trade List&FAQ 85.16% complete. The Crystal Caves of Ilum (2/2)Jedi Academy (35/40) Showdown at Teth Palace (2/2)The Attack on Teth (0/2) Imperial Entanglements (22/41)Clone Wars Battles (0/10) The Clone Wars (36/40)The Clone Wars Starter Set (6/6) Knights of the Old RepublicLegacy of the Force (53/60) The Force Unleashed (50/60)Battle of Hoth (17/17) Starter Set (6/6)Alliance and Empire (53/60) Bounty Hunters (48/60)Champions of the Force (55/60) Attack on Endor (4/4)AT-AT Imperial Walker (1/1) Universe (50/60)Revenge of the Sith (55/60) Clone Strike (57/60)Rebel Storm (56/60)
Is there any chance that you could edit the gigantic spoilers out of your thread title?
Is there any chance that you could edit the gigantic spoilers out of your thread title?

I really second this motion.

Gosh-darn it I lost my signature.
Is there any chance that you could edit the gigantic spoilers out of your thread title?

Sorry didn't think it was that big of a Spoiler... I mean we never saw him die... But I fixed it anyways...
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