What Minis Do You Want to See?

This thread is devoted to telling us what minis you'd like to see in future sets. This way, WotC_Rob (and everyone else in WotC R&D) will have a good gauge of which minis people are most interested in.

So, pipe up! Also, if you see someone else suggest a mini you like, feel free to voice your support.
Hmm... I don't want to sound self important, but I would personally love to see...

Rebel Pilots with different color flight gear (yellow, blue, Black)
Fringe Pilots in Heavy and Light armors...
Storm Commandos
Starships (Well a Y-wing and A-wing, and tie interceptors or bombers..., even if this is really far from likly...)
and Most of all...

An R5 Unit with fringer, scoundrel and Scout levels...


yeh good idea id like to see some ships as well especially

the snowspeeder, to go with the AT-AT
the imperial shuttle
and others too
I would like to see really big stuff. Like stuff that would need a very very very large map for. Minis like maybe the Death Star, Star Destroyer, Meleniom Falcon (sorry about spelling), Tantive 4, etc. etc. etc. And some shps to go with that could fit inside the huge ships like X-wing, Y-wing, Tie fighter, Tie bomber, etc. etc. etc. You should also make the large minis like for ex. the AT-RT into a huge for a re-make.
Does anyone besides me think that these are a good idea?

I think that they are a sweet idea and thats what I'd prefer to see out for sets based on historical battles. A few new basic troops to do with the set topic and some special large or huge battle specific pieces. Save all the rare and very rare pieces for the 60-piece sets.

However the reason I think we're not seeing these big battle sets is because they want us to buy multitudes of boosters to get the troops and they'll supply us with the map for it; plus they take away factory time and working time that is used to produce new 60-piece sets.

Regardless Im all for a few reposed basic troop miniatures with some set maps. I am disappointed I wont be getting new ewoks with the battle for endor set seeing as how I traded away all but one ewok to a friend making an ewok army.

~ S
i would like 2 see miniatures from the time of exar kun and tales of the jedi
exar kun (obviously)
naomi sunrider
kay quel droma
ulic quel droma
etc :D
so we re four for a obi in clone

Make that 5!
Does anyone besides me think that these are a good idea?

awesome ideas
keep it up
I would to see a lot from EU:

Joruus C'Baoth
Luuke Skywalker (Luke's clone)
Rukh (personal Thrawn's bodyguard)
Talon Karde
Garm Bel Iblis
Ysalamiri --> uncommon
Gilad Paellon

Prince Isolder
Female Hapan bodyguard
Witchsister from Dathomir (lightside)

Tonnika Sisters
Tie pilot
Imperial navy trooper
Malakili (monster trainer in Jabba's palace taking care of the rancor)
Whiphid (large)

Dorsk 88
Princess Leia, chief of state
Borsk Fe'y'la
Yuuzhan Vong shaper
YVH droid

alot of starships and vehicules! could be great!
"Gods? They should be banned!" -Eiderdrake
I wouldn't mind an uncommon hutt character and definately a common or uncommon Cerean and/or Kel Dor character.
A) I mean there are tons of hutt gangsters, Durga the Hutt (The one who plans to create another death star in Darksaber), Gorga the Hutt(Boba Fett:Death, Lies and Treachery!), Gardulla the Hutt (from Episode I), Zorba the Hutt (Jabba's father from Zorba the Hutt's Revenge!), etc.
B) One idea might be a Cerean noble-type character in the NR with reinforcements or some CE and there are multiple cool Kel Dor ideas, they have an awesome race concept. As these two species are main species in the roleplaying game, it would be great to have models that weren't jedi and also Im sure they should expand the New Republic a bit more than just the human troopers we have so far.
~ S
yeah would be great to see many new reoublics jedi

Solo children
Tenel ka
and many more
like darkside
A bit off the original topic, but this would tie in with a new set(s), sort-of like the Endor Set. Make some new sets, with new minis, and make them as non-unique as possible. That way, people would by a ton more. Some good ideas for sets:

Battle of Naboo Set
-Gungan catapult
-New Kaadu
-New Gungan soldier, with shield X2
-Pilot battle droid X2
-Naboo Plains map

Geonosis Arena Set
-New Jedi Knight
-Clone Pilot
-New ARC Trooper X2
-New Clone Trooper X3
-Geonosian Orray, with Execution Cart
-New Droideka (looking more like the CS one)
-Geonosian Picador X2 (the Geonosians that actually ride the Orrays, mess with the Arena beasts, etc.)
-Geonosis Arena map

Geonosis Battlefield Set
-Republic Tank
-New Jedi Knight
-ARC Trooper X2
-New Clone Trooper X5
-Spider Droid
-New Dwarf Spider Droid
-Geonosian Artillery Battery
-Geonosian Battle Plains map

Battle of Kashyyyk Set
-Republic Tank
-New AT-RT X2
-New Clone Speeder Bike (a scout speeder, with one of those "scout trooper" clones on it)
-"Scout Trooper" Clone X3
-New Wookiee Soldier X3
-New Clone Trooper X3
-Tank Droid x2
-New Dwarf Spider Droid X3
-New battle droid officer
-New battle droid X5
-Kashyyyk Beach (with sea wall, etc.) map

Battle of Utapau Set
-Jet Trooper X2
-Clone Medic
-New Clone Trooper X5
-Crab Droid
-octuptarra droid X2
-Utapau Sinkholes map

Execute Order 66 Set
-Jedi Master
-New Jedi Knight X2
-Jedi Padawan X2
-Jedi Youngling X3
-501 Clone Trooper X10
-Jedi Temple map

Tatooine Set
-Rebel Landspeeder (modified with baster turrent attached)
-Rebel Recruit X3
-New Tusken X3
-Tusken Sharpshooter X2
-Tusken Squad Leader
-New Jawa X2
-Jawa on Ronto
-Krayt Dragon
-Sandtrooper X3
-New Sandtrooper on Dewback
-Mos Espa map (basically Episode I Tatooine map)

Hoth Set
-Snowspeeder X2
-Rebel Vanguard (one with rocket launcher) X2
-New Hoth Trooper X5
-Snowtrooper on E-Web Blaster X2
-AT-AT Pilot
-New Snowtrooper X10
-Echo Base map

Endor Set (Endor Set II, if you prefer, due to there is already one coming out in Feb.)
-Ewok Glider
-New Ewok X4
-New Ewok X4
-Rebel Endor Soldier X2
-New Scout Trooper on Speeder
-AT-ST Pilot
-New Scout Trooper (Sniper one)
-New Scout Trooper X3
-Death Star Trooper X5
-Endor Shield Generator Bunker map

Hope some of you guys agree with my ideas!

I think this would be cool. Especially the Order 66 one. I need more 501st troopers for my RPG game anyway.
Clone Swamp Trooper
Death Star Trooper
Imperial Gunner
Blackhole Trooper
Bib Fortuna
Bib Fortuna (Bomar Monk version)
Ephant Mon
Sora Bulq
Malakili (The Rancor Keeper!)
Dark Woman
A'Sharad Hett
8D8 (sadist droid in Jabba's palace)
Republic Gunship
Snow Speeder
Darth Pagueis
Thon Jedi Master
Sith Dragons
501 Fist Clone/Storm Troopers (special markings)
Admiral Motti
Gardulla the Hutt
Exar Kun Sith Ghost
Obi Wan Apprentice
Darth Vader Fleet Commander

I would love to see some more of Grievous's race: the Kaleesh. Also, I think it would be cool if you guys made minis of characters and creatures from your video games, specifically, Delta Squad and other republic commandoes, Trandoshan slavers, and more fringe alien races like Barabels, Anoo-dats, Triannii, Togariands, Clawdites, etc.
Not that it hasn't been said, but I would like to see a set dedicated to space battles. Oodles of TIE's, All the rebel fighters, space transports, smaller capital ships and maybe even A star destroyer or Mon-Cal Cruiser. It's a portion of the RPG that needs support.
Not that it hasn't been said, but I would like to see a set dedicated to space battles. Oodles of TIE's, All the rebel fighters, space transports, smaller capital ships and maybe even A star destroyer or Mon-Cal Cruiser. It's a portion of the RPG that needs support.

Already planned for late 2006.
When I was young I used to collect the Star Wars Micro Collection sets, which were die-cast miniatures that are very similar to the miniatures from WOTC. They had three Hoth playsets that came with figures. In addition to that you could order packs of Rebel soldiers and Imperial troops to create a large Hoth battle. Since the AT-AT is now available, having specialty boosters to accompany the AT-AT with troops and soldiers would be really nice.

That being said, when the Attack on Endor set comes out, having accompanying boosters with different Ewoks, troops and even some more speederbikes would be really great.

I'm sure there are quite a few who have jumped on the Star Wars Miniatures band wagon very recently and missed the whole Rebel Storm set which had many of the pieces you need for the AT-AT and Endor sets. I understand those who don't want reprints to retain the value of the originals, but new pieces of old faces would be appreciated!

thanks a lot.
definitely zuckuss already. although i have custom made them already the rebel generals would be great to even out the imbalance between them and the empire as well all members of the jedi council.also
admiral daala
gardulla the hutt
durga the hutt
barriss offee
dannik jerricho
shu mai
crab droid
jett zukasaa
joruus cbaoth
beldorian the splendid
k kruhk
tonnika sisters
kabe and muftak
foul moudama
roron corrob
kir kanos
boss nass
just to name a few. no more main characters please.there are enough great characters to make without them
I wanna see bultar swan..
Bultar Swan Is A Good One. I Made One From A Reaper Mini And It Looks Just Like Her. Amanaman Would Be Great Too
Has anyone heard IF Wizards is going to be producing a new set? And when?

well, here are my mini wishes
1.mara jade jedi master
3.ky narec
4.the dark woman(an'ya kuro)
5.A'sharad Hett
6.darth nihilus
7.hand maiden(brianna)
8.naga sadow
9.ludo kressh
10.darth sion
11.visas marr
14.eeth koth
15.Greedo the elder
18.mana veridi
19.nomi sunrider
20.anakin solo
21.jacen solo
22.jaina solo
23.darth malak
24.leia in boushh
25. yomin carr
bonus. wookie jedi (not sure of his name)

these are all interesting characters I have learned about.
I think the Wokiee Jedi You're thinking of is probably Lowbacca. He's the only one I've heard of. He was introduced in the Jedi Academy books, iirc, and shows up in the NJO.
The Wookie Jedi Master Is Named Tyvokka. Plo Koon Was His Padawan And Took Over His Seat On The Jedi Council When Tyvokka Was Killed During The Stark Hyperspace Incident.
I would like to see the characters from the clone wars cartoon series.
I know they would be all goofy looking and everything, but could you
imagin seeing Durge on his speederbike :P . That is what I am talking about.
i wouldnt mind seeing darthreven and darth malak from kotor
Ok. a couple of these might be pretty hard,but thin over them.

Droideka with force field large ***
Faamba (shield generator) mega-huge
Faamba (Blast turret) mega-huge
Captain Tarpals on kaadu large ***
Gungan Energy catapult huge
Ewok with bow small
Ewok with sling small
cheif chirpa small
logray small
It would be good to have te following for the next series

General Bel Iblis

hp;60 unique pts25
def;16 master tactitien
dam;10 commander effect;al characters gain +10 hp and
+10 damage at the begining of skirmish
ARC Trooper Commander
more ARC Troopers
Commander Cody (with some amazing CE such as General Grievous, Supreme Commander has)
Bespin Luke
Bespin Han
Padawan Obi-Wan
DarkTrooper - phase one and two
General Mohc
Admiral Piett
Captain Needa
Captain Paelleon
Admiral Daala
Admiral Screed
Moff Jerjerrod
Kir Kanos
Carnor Jax
Jodo Kast - not as strong as boba though
Jaster Meerel
Montross (Bounty Hunter videogame)
Kamari Vosa (Bounty Hunter videogame)
Bando Gora (Bounty Hunter videogame)
anyone from KOTOR 1 or 2 HK-47 yeah!!!!!!
Exar Kun
Darth Bane - should be real powerful
Jan Ors
Barriss Offee
Adi Gallia
Rune Haako
Lama Su - maybe some kind of CE for the clones
Baby Krayt Dragon - Huge
ARC Trooper Captain (in red double pistols)
Darth Maul - Desert duel with his hood and single Sabre
Bib Fortuna
Chancellor Palpatine (episode one)
Queen Amidala
Poggle The Lesser
Anakin (episode one)
Captain Panaka
Death Star Troopers
High HP Imperial bodyguard
Fringe Mara Jade (loner ability)
Fringe Kyle Katarn
Rebel Kyle Katarn
Fringe Jango Fett
Better Bossk (he's one of the best Bounty Hunters of that time)
All of the Solo Children
Commander Cody
All the Separatist Leaders
i would love to see more ewoks in other sets and also some unique ewoks
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks, Bombad General
Jar Jar Binks, Republic Senator (I don't know why but I really want Jar Jar minis!)
Jacen Solo
Jaina Solo
Anakin Solo
Mace Windu on Droid Starfighter (from Clone Wars season 2)
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan
Anakin Skywalker, Slave (fringe)
Shu Mai
Poggle the Lesser
Commander Cody
Bariss Offee
Even Piell
Ysanne Isard
Corran Horn, Rebel Pilot and Jedi Knight
Mara Jade, Jedi Master
Kyle Katarn (rebel)
Piggy (rebel Gamorrean pilot from X-Wing series)
Admiral Piett
Supreme Chancellor Valorum
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Palpatine, Republic Senator
General Solo
Han Solo, Smuggler (fringe)
General Calrissian (Rebel)
Leia Organa, Chief of State
Kyp Durron
Jorus and Joruus C'Baoth
Clones from Republic Commando
Spider Droid (huge)
Bib Fortuna

I'm sure I'll think of more. :D
I would like to Ruhk, more Noghri, more of the clone strike jedi, magnaguard from Battlefront II, More Mara Jade and the Fett club. Maybe wiz can make up their own jedi.

ROTS 23/60
heres a few ideas:

Young Anakin Skywalker
Sebulba on Pod Racer (Huge)
AAT (Huge)
Jar Jar Binks
Protocol Droid
X-Wing (Huge)
TIE Fighter (Huge)
Maybe Commander Bacara, the clone commander who led the battle of Mygeeto.
Clone Commander Bly
Clone Commander Cody
Commander Gree
Commander Neyo
Commander Thire
Boss nass
Ric olie
Adi galia (orange saber)
Panaka Rep Been
Plo koon in clone starfighter
Ki adi mundi in cold suit
Adi galia on bike
Shak ti, Prisoner of Greivous
I dont know if anybody has said these:

Even though unlikely, Cyborg Maul and

Echuu Shen Jon! Awesome jedi.

Theres others that Im going to be kicking myself later for not remembering...
I hope that by the next huge expansion, entitled "Bounty Hunter" would have alternate versions of the fett family! Something like "Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter" or "Boba Fett, Journeyman Protector". Just some imaginary stats, so correct me if u got any ideas:

Boba Fett, Journeyman Protector ||Fringe/(Mandalorian maybe?) ||cost : 75
HP 140
Def 21
Attk +13
Damage 20

Special Abilities:
Double Attack
Accurate shot
Flamethrower 10

Take note that i dropped his bounty hunter ability.How bout that?

Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter ||Fringe ||cost:50
HP 140
Def 20
Attck +13
damage 20

Special abilities:
Bounty Hunter
Double attack
Missiles 20

thats my imagination for now...
I think SWM should branch off into space combat, as well as dip into the past and develop a few expansions around the times of the golden age of the sith. just my two bits
Heres what I think would be good..
Sev Rance Tann
Mara Jade Jedi
Anakin Solo
Jacen Solo
Jaina Solo
Echnu Shen Jon
Naat Reth
All of the Clones from Republic commando
We need some Sandtroopers! I am surprised that we have gone four sets without them.
TIE Fighter pilots
Talon Karde
Tusken Sniper
Tusken Chief
General Bel Iblis
Admiral Gilad Pallaeon
Commander Tierce
Gungan with Energy Sheild
Boss Nass
Poggle the Lesser
T3-M4 (or generic T3 unit)
Mandalorian generics
Human Soldier (Fringe, from the Star Wars RPG Revised Core Rulebook)
Sith Warrior (From the Dark Side Sourcebook)
Dark Side Devotee (from RCR)
Force Adept (From RCR)
Selkath Fringer
Stormtrooper Commando (or something to rival the delta squad, surely something like this exists in EU?)
Berserker Droid (from RCR)
More female Twi-Leks!
Clone Swamp Trooper
Death Star Trooper
Imperial Gunner
Blackhole Trooper
Bib Fortuna
Bib Fortuna (Bomar Monk version)
Ephant Mon
Sora Bulq
Malakili (The Rancor Keeper!)
Dark Woman
A'Sharad Hett
8D8 (sadist droid in Jabba's palace)
Republic Gunship
Snow Speeder
Darth Pagueis
Thon Jedi Master
Sith Dragons
501 Fist Clone/Storm Troopers (special markings)
Admiral Motti
Gardulla the Hutt
Exar Kun Sith Ghost
Obi Wan Apprentice
Darth Vader Fleet Commander


The 501st Clones are the ones with blue markings in the ROTS set. 501st stormies could be represented by the Elite Stormtrooper.
lets expand this a bit and see what kind of colossal packs you guys would like to see, they don't have to be the same size as the at-at, but something bigger than the huge figures in the universe set. I was thinking any capital ship if the wizards decide they want to launch into space, sandcrawler, sun crusher, jabba's sail barge, krayt dragon, and the gorax. maybe some stationary props like gun turrets could be brought into play, like the ones found stationed outside echo base. As far as other standard miniatures, don't forget an e-web blaster accompanied by 2 snowtroopers and there are a bunch of possibilities with the nightsisters/singing mountain clans on dathomir.
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