Cubs181: SWTCG Have-Want List

Star Wars Miniatures - Updated 08/01/09


Attack of the Clones
2 AotC Anakin Skywalker (B) R
5 AotC Battle Fatigue R
9 AotC Clone Officer R
10 AotC Dark Rendezvous R
11 AotC Dark Side's Command R
21 AotC Jango Fett (A) R
25 AotC Jedi Council Summons R
30 AotC Naboo Defense Station R
57 AotC Windu's Solution R
69 AotC Chancellor Palpatine (A) R
84 AotC Elan Sleazebaggano (A) R

Sith Rising
2 SR Anakin Skywalker (E) R
3 SR Aurra Sing (A) R
4 SR Chancellor Palpatine (B) R
5 SR Clone Captain R
6 SR Clone Facility R
9 SR Darth Sidious (B) R
10 SR Darth Tyranus (D) R
13 SR Jango Fett (E) R
17 SR Mace Windu (A) R
20 SR Nute Gunray (B) R
21 SR Republic Drop Ship R
22 SR Sio Bibble (A) R
24 SR Slave I (B) R
26 SR Trade Federation Control Core R
29 SR Unfriendly Fire R
30 SR Yoda (C) R
84 SR Retreat Underground R

A New Hope
4 ANH Capture the Falcon R
27 ANH Luke's Speeder (A) R
41 ANH Rebel Crew Chief R

Battle of Yavin
1 BoY Artoo's Repairs R
15 BoY Han Solo (A) R

Jedi Guardians
3 JG Aurra Sing (B) R
9 JG Darth Tyranus (F) R
13 JG Gather the Council R
18 JG Jedi Youngling R
28 JG R2-D2 (E) R
29 JG Remember the Prophecy R
30 JG Saesee Tiin (A) R
41 JG Yoda (D) R

The Empire Strikes Back

Rogues And Scoundrels
7 RaS Dantooine System R
10 RaS Doctor Evazan (A) R
12 RaS Han Solo (I) R
27 RaS Princess Leia (I) R
28 RaS Slave 1 (F) R
30 RaS Take A Prisoner R
31 RaS Trash Compactor R

The Phantom Menace

Return of the Jedi

Revenge of the Sith
1 RotS Anakin Skywalker (M) R
4 RotS Commerce Guild Droid 81-X R
5 RotS Commerce Guild Starship (ROTS) R
11 RotS Dismiss R
12 RotS Droid Security Escort R
13 RotS Engine Upgrade R
15 RotS Palpatine's Sanctum R
23 RotS Mustafar System R
25 RotS Obi-Wan Kenobi (N) R
27 RotS R4-P17 (A) R
31 RotS Sacrifice the Expendable R
33 RotS Spinning Slash R
34 RotS Strike with Impunity R
36 RotS Super Battle Droid 7EX R
40 RotS Yoda (K) R

Also I have the following unique/LE Marvel Heroclix:
cm211 LE Illyana Rasputin
ul094 U Goblin Queen
ff095 U Dr. Doom
aw86 U Shathra
aw93 U Spider-Man
aw94 U Mystique
aw95 U Wolverine
aw96 U Magneto


Attack of the Clones

Sith Rising

A New Hope

Battle of Yavin

Jedi Guardians

The Empire Strikes Back

Rogues And Scoundrels

The Phantom Menace

Return of the Jedi
NONE ;) except the missing 54

Revenge of the Sith

Special Thanks to Darth_Ted for helping complete our collection!

Good trades at the SW Minis site with:
DARTH_TED, EdTheKing, Trey22,
rattousai, dojimaster, hunter73, Ultron13,
Bishop76, vaderfett762, Vaun_Kale, nknecrosis,
taf_24, rosttercel, lukey84, Darth_Scythe,
megakilroy, sithstalker, monni316, StartideCruiser,
Vegeta906, Lil Green Dude, HassanNinkin, sixfootoneder,
RickCi68, Gwonk, Darth_Linux13, piglatin,
J.L.Robert, Coltsfan28, HydraBoy, Eternal Outlaw,
suki_jedi_apprentice, SteveRogers, VaTo, Rancors-R-US,
Miadchi, Plotiko, TroutShorty, butter1,
PwnofTheDarkSide, CaptainCanada, DarthYoda08, Immortal!?,
gdotbat, slacker74, zuko, margawt,

I've got a bunch of refs from my SWCCG group too:
DARTH TED where are you.........
Hey i was just curious if DarthTed and I have ever played tcg with you? We live in chicago and still play the game so if ur interested let me know.
Nope. I haven't played TCG - just putting a set together with my boys. I used to play SWCCG, but I'm now into SW Minis. - Paul
I have some of the cards you are looking for. I am interested in selling them.