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I need some pointers for my Mono-white deck. The deck is centered around the Archangel of Thune, Elspeth Sun’s champion and Heliod God of the Sun. Anything that this deck is missing to work better would be great!


24x Plains

2x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx


2x Heliod God of Sun

2x Elspeth, Sun’s Champion

4x Archangel of Thune

4x Precinct Captain

3x Fiendslayer Paladin

3x Banisher Priest

3x Imposing Sovereign

2x Syndic of Tithes



3x Arrest

3x Path of Bravery



3x God’s willing

2x Divine Verdict



1x God’s willing

3x Pay no heed

2x Solemn offering

2x Divine Verdict

3x Ordeal of Heliod

1x Banisher Priest

Get rid of the arrests and syndic of tithes, put in the other path to bravery, and soldier of pantheon. It's just the best T1 play I can think of, plus u can't really have too many of these in hand. Might want to put in a spear, and I don't think u should rely on the Elspeth. Consider taking it out, as well as there is a new set coming out in like two weeks. I put my own mono white deck together maybe it'll give u some ideas. I do like the life gain, keep in mind it gets shut down pretty easily.

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