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Sligh. The name gets thrown about a bit, but these days very few players seem to know what it actually is. Sligh was one of the few decks in “Magic: the Gathering”’s tournament history to radically change the way the game was played. Sligh came in an era of Turn 4 Ehrnam Djinn, Turn 5 Armageddon, and showed the world that the game of Magic starts on the first turn.

Sligh, unlike Red Deck Wins, is actually a carefully calculated red aggro deck, centered on creatures rather than spells. Creatures are chosen for efficiency and for their mana cost, aiming to maximize mana use every turn, and using a few burn spells as removal of blockers to support their creatures, and for Reach for the last couple of points to the head. The success of Sligh lies largely in the strength of its deck design, rather than the power of individual cards in it.

There are a number of other red decks in history and in Standard which are radically different to Sligh, but often are a source of confusion for many, particularly newer, player. Even more confusing is that while the purist definition of Sligh is a mono-red deck, the current Standard renders such a strategy not just subpar, but practically unfeasible. As such, this thread will also be covering non-red options for use in Sligh decks. With the loss of Savannah Lions, Kird Ape and Circle of Protection: Red, support for monored is on the rise. On the other hand, Tarmogoyf proves that splashing green is as important as it ever was, perhaps more so.

For some more information on the evolution of the various "Red Decks", see Mike Flores' article: Naming the Red Metagame.

For newcomers to Sligh or to competition Magic in general, here's a more in-depth run-down on what Sligh is, does, and looks like.

Generally, Sligh is a deck based on two main points, with four rules entwined. The first point is "Tempo". The second is the "Mana Curve", which is the count of how many cards at given casting costs you have, and by organizing this well, you can generally cast anything you draw.

The Three Rules Of Sligh
SlighFox wrote:
1) Choose the card for the mana slot, not the mana slot for the card.

2) Every card that does not generate card advantage is capable of winning the game

3) Every card that is not capable of winning the game generates card advantage.

4) Combos are (generally) bad mojo.

What I mean by the first rule is, one does not chose specific cards and choose to fit the deck around them. Not at first. First, he choses the basic mana curve, then adjusts according to the cards available and the environment you will be playing the deck in.

What drove me to create the old thread was the lack of understanding Sligh receives. Even www.Magicthegathering.com's own deconstructing Sligh article during red week was inconclusive. They touched on what part of the mana curve was, some cards, and threw around some decklists. But in the end your head was left spinning. Even if you bothered to search up every old card, the reason for why they worked would not be understood because it is a different era and cardpool now. Be assured that I will not fail in being most comprehensive in this thread.

And that he was. Here is his explanation of the How/Why of Sligh's workings.

Sligh, A Blueprint
[qoute=SlighFox]Sligh is usually misunderstood because many people are ignorant to the fact that a few individual spells in Sligh are unimportant compared to the greater picture of its mana curve. Not to say the card choices aren't important, but like I said before, Choose the card for the mana slot, not the mana slot for the card.. Overall fluidity is key.

If you stray from the curve, that's okay, and it still could be a great deck. As when building any deck, one must make alterations based on cardpool, metagame, and format. The more important point of the curve is to make efficient use of your mana.

What do I mean by that?
-the ideal is to use up your mana by the beginning of your next turn, and a proper curve makes that possible.

...Define "Efficient".
-Efficient means that
1) Power is greater or has a significant chance of becoming greater than cc
2) They can generate burn
3) They can gain card advantage
4) They grant board control (other than direct damage/burn)
1) The damage dealt is greater than the cc
2) Almost always must be a instant

-If a card doesn't have at least one of these things, leave it out. But remember, don't be blind to a choice like Lava Hounds. If its a bomb, and you need spaces for its cc to fill, and have weaker choices, by all means, include it. But be cautious.[/qoute]

Now, it is time for the most important part of Sligh (but not the only part). The Sligh Mana Curve:


Note: An "X-drop" is a creature with converted casting cost of X. A "one-drop" is a creature with 1 casting cost, e.g. Mogg Fanatic.

One-drops: 9-13
Two-drops: 6-8
Three drops: 3-6
Four-drops: 1-4

X burn/removal: 1-4
land destruction: 0-4
Low cc/staple burn spells: 8-12
Splash-color land: 5-10
Mana sources: 11-16

The Rules For Card Selection:

One Drops:
-Should be able to deal 4 or more damage before being eliminated.
-These creatures are your beaters in that they will probably always be 1/1 but the abilities are what make them shine.

Two Drops:
-Should be better than the one-drops in that they have more power yet still efficient.

Three Drops:
-Although fewer in number, three-drops are some of the most important beaters.
-In the current/a removal heavy environment, anything at this level or above needs to have immediate board or life impact as opposed to needing to untap before doing anything.

Four Drops:
-The biggest creatures, these are VERY few in number, but when you draw them, you should be able to secure a victory.

X Burn:
-Can be a great finisher
-Often inefficient

Land/Artifact Destruction:
-A kind of catch-all category, generally utilized by LD or non-burn removal. This spot should be filled with cards most other decks aren't able to deal with effectively. Ex: Blood Moon in Goblin Sligh.

Low cc burn spells:
- Higher priority for instants

Splash-color Land:
- 10th edition pain lands like Battlefield Forge or in more budget-constrained times, Coldsnap CIPT lands, like Highland Weald. Futuresight dual-lands with R happen to be mildly horrible, with the R/b Graven Cairns a 2-of or so in R/B decks only and the R/G Grove of Burnwillows practically unplayable. Lorwyn R/W land is iffy, as their arn't any giants that lend themselves to sligh (surprise, right?) but if you find yourself playing lots of Changelings, feel free to improve your manabase.

Non-pain Land:
-Not necessarily, but usually basic land.

[i]SlighFox's Useful Tips for Constructing Sligh[/i]

SlighFox wrote:
- As much as Sligh concentrates on creatures and beatdown, a Sligh deck must control the board. If you choose to ignore that fact, your deck will not only lose 'Sligh' status, but you yourself will lose.

- Again, all burn in Sligh targets creatures first. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. EVER.

- Don't worry about damage dealt to self, i.e. do NOT reserve blockers. Ever. Although, you should always maintain more life than the opponent.

- Sligh is all about quick beatdown, remember that.

- Do not fear one for one creature trades. They should benefit you, because the opponent should lose more tempo.

- Combos are bad. Each card should be good on its own, although, having synergy between cards is not a bad thing.

[u]Card Suggestions[/u]

As I don't want to list the several thousand cards in T2 and analysis for each of them based on the different flavors of Sligh, I will only mention cards good enough to go in your decks, or those that look good enough to go in repeatedly, but are not.

One Drops

Flamekin Bladewhirl - Badass on a stick. 2/1 for [mana]R[/mana]! Of course he is going to have a drawback, but we worked with Jackal pup we can work with this, right? Maybe. His drawback isn't a penalty or life or occasional betrayal; but an inability to play him except under certain conditions. This is much more serious and worse (for us) than Jackal Pup's drawback as it forces us to include sub-par cards to support this great card.

Mogg Fanatic - A true return of a classic, Mogg Fanatic's pedigree and tournament history speak for itself. Along with Frenzied and Scorched, he should make up your 1-drops. Other one-drops should be considered for metagame reasons.

Magus of the Scroll - Ahh, a card with mixed opinions. On the one hand, this card is the Second Coming of Cursed Scroll, one the best Sligh cards in history! On the other hand, it has none of the advantages Cursed Scroll has; in that it is Red, a Creature and extremely easy to kill. Still a great card? Yes. Still a great card for Sligh? Probably not. If you've got one or two and want to run him, be my guest, but he is far from the automatic inclusion his inspiration was. My opinions of course, come with a grain of salt; lots of people swear by him.

Spark Elemental - Improved by the dawn of Lorwyn, for it has brought with it a massive Elemental Army; in red no less! The best card of Lorwyn for Sligh is directly assisted by having Spark Elementals in your deck. He's still pretty underwhelming by himself, but it is no longer a sin to run him.

Flamekin Harbringer - Not shabby, tutors up any elemental or changeling; including it's superior one-drop in arms, Flamekin Bladewhirl. Too bad it cant tutor Blade up and be the reveal card, but that would be having your cake and eating it too. Probably worth running in small amounts; or 4-of in a dedicated Elemental deck.

Birds of Paradise - Not suggested even for R/g builds, encourages a 3-drop loaded strategy that is fundamentally different from Sligh. Boreal Druid and Llanowar Elves fall into the same category, but are more playable in that they can actually do damage by themselves.

Uktabi Drake - Another odd card for R/g, this is kind of a mini solifuge. You'll never cast it on t1 (Or you shouldn't, anyways) but not something to be completely overlooked, perhaps in low numbers.

Goldmeadow Stalwart - Kick-ass one drop, but really has zero synergy with W/R. I wouldn't suggest making a R/w Sligh deck at this time.

Ication Javelineers - Awesome 1-drop for R/w, should be a staple for those builds. Shares the common white one-drop weakness of being completely owned by Sulfur Elemental. Play at your own risk; like R/w in general at the moment.

Suntail Hawk - Staple 1/1 for [manacost]w[/manacost] with evasion. Pretty good really, but slightly out of favor as it's twin has vanished with Kami block. Still useful to be played, since actually fighting is for suckers. Shares the common white one-drop weakness of being completely owned by Sulfur Elemental. Play at your own risk.

Drifter Il-Dal - Some serious potential for R/u builds, but locks down blue sources heavily, potentially causing mana problems. Research suggests mana investment is too heavy to see extended use.

Flying Men - Competing with Drifter Il-Dal, a R/u probably wont be able to/shouldn't run both of them. Without White's global pump or swarm mindset, this 1/1 flier falls somewhat flat in u/r decks. Red ground-pounders have an advantage over this vintage reprint.

Cloud Sprite - Twin to Flying Men, but better in almost every way now with the massive support of Faeries in Lorwyn. I'll admit, I didn't see this one coming, but it's not a bad idea. Perhaps U/R is more viable now, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Festering Goblin - Great if your opponent is playing lots of 1/1's, not so great if you are doing the same. It's a goblin, which gets props now that Lorwyn is upon us, but there are better black one-drops for B/R (Or R/b).

Knucklebone Witch - Like this one. Highly recommended for Goblin decks but it's wording prevents it from being a good sideboard card against them, unforunately.

Nightshade Stinger - Cloud Sprite for black, more or less. Interesting, but not very useful to us, as we will never be U/B/r, which would be the deck to support this kind of thing.

Shadow Guildmage - And now an amazing reason to play R/b. Cripples a mana-creature dependent enemy, gets around pro-red and cop-red while coming out early and not really needing to attack ever. Solid on all fronts, auto-inclusion in R/b.

Two Drops

Blood Knight - Previously an MVP, Blood has been downgraded to 'very good' as the tide of white domination over type two has started to wane in favor of the darker arts like Tendrils of Corruption or superior two-drops like Tarmogyof. First Strike still lets you swing + burn through bigger creatures like nobodies business and as a bear his stats are solid. Highly recommended.

Keldon Marauders - Not entirely good, not entirely bad. The most common 'bad' scenario has this boy still doing 1 point of damage to your opponent before they Condemn him away, or another point of damage if they use almost any other method to permanently get rid of him. Highly playable in most builds, not always the best option however as he has inherent tempo loss built in.

Emberwilde Auder - Unfortunately inferior to Keldon Maruaders while serving more or less the same purpose. Without the ability to activate his ability at will, the timing is clunky and far too likely to not happen. Run in goblin builds if at all.

Mogg War Marshall - Plus: It's a goblin. Minus: It has echo. Plus: It gives you tokens. Minus: It still has echo. Plus: It gives you more tokens when it dies; even to echo! Overall: Okay, it's worth running, particularly with Greater Gargadon. If you splash to other colors though, you will usually have a better option.

Thick-Skinned Goblin - Solid on all fronts, contender for space in a mono or Goblins sligh deck.

Goblin Skycutter - Entirely solid. 2/1 for [manacost]1R[/manacost] with no drawbacks and an ability that might occasionally come into play. Plus a solid creature-type for Sligh (goblin) promotes this guy to 'Playable'. Definitely a high choice for Goblin-Sligh, about medium for other builds as color-specific two-drops often perform better.

Boggart Sprite-Chaser - This guy seems bizarrely playable to me; if and only if; you are using Changeling create cards to support Flamekin Bladewhirl, they will also support this guy as well, making him into a pretty solid 2-drop. Probably not worth the effort though, outside of R/U. (R/B has Squeak Pie Sneak)

Knight of Meadowgrain - Extremely solid, but also competing with about twelve other cards for it's slot. The double white manacost puts it into particularly competitive territory. On the other hand, if you are running the Stalwart, this card gets bumped up into auto-include; since it's good on it's own and improves another already good card.

Blade of The Sixth Pride - Awesome beater against control decks. Unfortunately, the meta is very much prejudiced against 1. Creatures with 1 toughness and 2. White creatures with 1 toughness.

Cautery Sliver - Eminently playable by itself, if you happen to be playing any other slivers they all get better. The prevention ability will rarely be relevant, but having another version of Scorched Ruskala around and one that can ping off your opponents creatures at that, is nice.

Sinew Sliver - Excellent card, easier to cast than many good R/W 2 drops, works very well with Cautery Sliver without being a required combo (both work fine on their own, but better together, the sign of a playable aggro combo).

Jotun Grunt - 4/4 two-drop!?!? He must have a insane drawback, right? Right? ... Well.... kind of. You don't want to run 4-of this guy, as he will go away pretty quickly in some matchups, but as a 2 or 3-of he will kick your opponents ass, while hosing certain decks at the same time. I call that pretty good. His stock has gone up with graveyard filling becoming a common practice, from the nearly defunct Bridge from Below deck to standard machinations of Green all manner of players hoping to beat with giant Tarmogoyfs, this guy has some potential. Definitely SB him in your r/w decks.

Knight of the Holy Nimbus - Another damn good card for R/w, this one is kind of hard to cast because of the double white, but if you don't want to go the evasion route, entirely worth it. Perfectly fits Sligh's philoshopy.

Ronom Unicorn - Not a 4-of MD, but certainly a solid SB choice.

Soltari Priest - One of our ancient enemies, now an ally? Amazing aggro card, simply amazing how many decks cannot deal with a shadow creature that has pro-red. Also, relegated to the wayside with the rise of the Sulfurous One Update: Sulfie isn't around quite so much anymore, so can be run with caution.

White Shield Crusader - Still pretty mana intensive, but we've picked up Pro Black, which keeps him from being Death of Eyeblight'ed or Shadow Guildmage'd out of existence. Avoid, see the reasons on other white X/1's.

Tarmogoyf - If your playing green in this meta you should, essentially speaking, be playing this card. If your not playing green, you likely groan every time your opponent casts this creature as it bigger, badder and cheaper than anything on your side of the board. He requires some, but not overmuch support cards, primarily Tarpitch, Terramorphic Expanse/Gemstone Mines and Chromatic Star. Luckily, for the most part these cards are playable anyways and in a meta where lots of other people are running goyf you can drop some of them if you want room for other things.

Wren's Run Vanquisher - Plus: It's a 3/3. Minus: It's an elf. Plus: It's an elf. Minus: It wants us to play elves. Plus: It kills Tarmogoyf. Overall: Pretty awesome, but requires juggling to support, just like Bladewhirl. Just like Bladewhirl, it's supporting cards are probably going to be pretty horrible. I'd still run it and try to use changeling cards to support both, even though this is the Sin of Combos.

Woodland Changeling - Plus: Supports Flamekin Bladewhirl and Wren's Run Vanquisher. Minus: Not particularly amazing on it's own. Overall: It's a matter of space. If you absolutely must have Bladewhirl and Vanquisher as well as Tarmogoyf, prepare for this to take up some space.

Quirion Dryad - Tenth edition goodness. A very powerful card, best played with lots and lots of cantrips. But red creatures and burn spells /can/ work as well. The problem with Dryad in a true aggro deck is there are lots of good /green/ spells you want to play as well, which dilutes it's effectiveness. Also in a aggro matchup, if your opponents have Mogg Fanatics, your not likely to get this lady to stick for very long. Still like I said, a very powerful card.

Kavu Predator - You will usually have better options for your MD, and it's SB use is kind of narrow, but if you are facing white (or black in TSP block)decks in any kind of significant numbers, pick up a set. Can be used with the Futuresight r/g dual-land and the timeshifted Fiery Justice for silly tricks, but is essentially only main-decked in weird (read: subpar) TSP block decks.

Radha, Heir to Keld - So sexy! So /almost/ playable. If only she had any relevant combat abilities or if we had more mana sinks to garuntee some useful combination with her whenever she hits the board instead of just being another bear... Testing has shown good results in tandem with various red/green block cards in a mana-ramp deck, but not t2 material.

Spellstutter Sprite - Makes me interested in R/U sligh again. While we have had creatures that double as counters before, never have we had a creature that did both at the same time without sacrificing one for the other. Unfortunately, it wants us to run lots of faeries, which makes it much easier to run in B/U. But I'd be interested in any decklist that gets it to work.

Spiketail Hatchling - An old favorite of blue decks, back again for another swing at Standard. Evasion is good, keeping your opponents options down is good. 1/1 body for 2, not so good. Will see play in U/G, but thats not what this thread is about. Also pretty much owned by Spellstutter Faerie, so...

Gossamer Phantasm - Like all R/U cards, needs testing. I have a lead on a good source for said testing, so watch this space for updates. Looks promising, for now.

Oona's Prowler - Plus: Flying. Minus: Sometimes a 1/1. Plus: Usually a 3/1. Minus: Opponent might want to discard. Plus: Is a Faerie. Overall: Play it. If you are worried about your opponent abusing their graveyard, run Withered Wretch in side.

Squeaking Pie Sneak - Plus: It's a goblin. Minus: It wants us to play other goblins. Plus: It has fear. Minus: It is not a card you can ever play with a straight face unless you have a metal rod inserted deeply into your body. Overall: Pretty awesome, too bad about the name. If you've got a few goblins or changelings, run it. If not, run Oona's Prowler instead/as well.

Dunerider Outlaw - While his stats arn't as impressive as Blood Knight, his protection from green is a little more relevant now, with Goyfs, Dryads and Trolls all about. Consider SB material in R/b, definitely.

Augur of Skulls - The only playable Augur, since he has card advantage built-in, but not particularly amazing. Auto-include in R/b rack decks (heh), mixed blessing against aggro (pumps up their goyfs/gets their calls in the grave, but can chump block said goyf all day long).

Yxilid Jailer - Solid stats and a very interesting ability. In a R/b deck you'll have better options for the 2-slot (mostly red). As a sideboard card, while he nerfs the defunct Bridge from Below deck, so do Mogg Fanatic and Scorched Rusalka, cheaper, better cards that you can run Maindeck.

Ghostflame Sliver - His sliver status is secondary to a bear that gets around pro black/red. Still cant kill a Paladin en-Vec on his own, but eminently playable in the SB nonetheless.

Stromglad Crusader - Extremely mana intensive and no longer dodges removal of note. Playable for R/B with caution, but watch your mana-base.

Three Drops


Sulfur Elemental - This terminator-esque bad boy is all about kicking ass and taking the names. A decent body on it's own, combined with uncounterability. Sounds like a green card. Okay, lets add flexibility, you can cast him whenever you want. Sounds like a green/blue card. Oh and he kills white cards. Now we are talking red baby! RAAARGH! (If for some reason you cant play him main, at least have some in your SB to mess with decks that run white or counterspells) Oh yeah, it's also an ELEMENTAL which means it supports your Flamekin Bladewhirl. Are we getting excited yet?

Gathan Raiders - A three-drop disguised as a 5-drop, the Raiders are always on the edge of playability. On the one-hand, with a built-in discard mechanism they tempt you to play bad cards, like Fiery Temper and Reckless Wurm much like Jaya. On the other hand, if you dont try to abuse him and just run him as a three-drop, perhaps alongside Zoetic Cavern, he's not that bad and mildly tricky. Generally, in a multi-color build, I wouldn't run raiders as I almost always have better options, but in mono-red he's a good side-dish to a serving of Sulfur Elementals.

Magus of Moon - Like keeping your opponents from casting spells while you kill them? So do I! So does Blood Moon.. but the Moon cant whack your opponent upside the head every turn (also, it is no longer t2 legal). But this guy can! Run maindeck in a nonbasic heavy enviroment and watch the auto-wins roll in.

Bloodrock Cyclops - Not entirely horrible, his drawback works well with our philosophy and his body is correctly sized to be playable for his casting cost. Sulfur Elemental is usually a better choice, but this guy can fill in the curve in a mono-red deck any day.

Suq'Ata Lancer - A cool guy, but outclassed by Sulfur Elemental and most 3-drops in other colors. Good for budget decks as he does have haste.

Simian Spirit Guide - Despite it's endorsement from Jaya, or perhaps because of, since Jaya is a rather shady card herself, SSG is not a good fit for Sligh or even Red Deck Wins or any of the other decks Sligh has been confused with over the years. Inherent card disadvantage for the slightest of tempo advantages is not something Sligh looks at with relish. The days of turn one Firewalker Slith deciding a game would have welcomed this card with open arms, but we no longer dwell in those hallowed hours.

Blazing Blade Askari - A SB card to neuter CoP:Red which isn't around anymore... play at your own risk.

Goblin King – In Goblin heavy builds and especially in conjunction with Magus of the Moon, the pump this guy gives is amazingly effective.

Jaya Ballard, Task Mage - Creator of Incinerate, turning every card in your deck into a copy, what's not to like? Well, for starters, the body is pretty horrible. While Jaya has a nice big target painted on her forehead, her getting killed before you untap nets you nothing. That said, if she is ever active she's amazing, but likely as not, she is just too slow. If your meta is removal light, run 2 at most of her. If your meta is removal heavy, do not run Jaya. Run something with haste.

Troll Ascetic - So yeah, I never die. Unless everyone else dies at the same time, I mean, I cant stop the Wrath or Damnation of a god... but pretty much everything else. Oh yeah, I hit for 3 while costing 3 as well. I'm pretty good.

Loaming Shaman - SB hoser and efficiently priced beatstick in the same package? Sign me up! Great SB card for R/g against anything that likes the graveyard, which is alot of decks. Particular other green decks.

Call of the Herd - I'm good. Really good. Control-beating, aggro annoying good.

Paladin En-Vec - More often seen on the opposing side than not, the Paladin is still incredibly hard to remove once he hits the board, plus has okay synergy with Sudden Shock. Yeah, there are no Jittes for him to beat you into submission with, but he's still pretty good; unless he runs into Goyf, who eats him. So not really good anymore.

Frenetic Sliver - Interesting card, almost playable on it's own, but needs the support of a Sliver deck to get the best use out of it's mediocore 2/2 body. Like all R/U, needs testing.

Sedge Sliver - A beater for R/b, better has rarely been made! 3/3 for 3 with a groovy ability attached, that gets better if you draw another one! Stellar package, sometimes not run because of heavy competition in the 3-slot, but worth considering in most R/b builds.

Hypnotic Specter - A game-winner if unchecked, problem is he wont be. To boot, some decks like it when you make them discard cards! Not enough damage output to be a prime contender for R/b sligh. Especially with Oona's Prowler around who costs less and does more/same damage.

Four Drops

Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician - Goblin King's backup, not worth running more than 2-of usually, but pretty effective at giving Goblin-sligh a midgame filled with goblin tokens made EOT.

Lightning Serpent - Better than he looks. In addition to being a poor man's Giant Solifuge he is also a poor man's Demonfire.

Henchfiend of Ukor - The only participant in this category that needs a color other than black. He's good. Very very good. But he's not beter than solifuge, so run only as a budget alternative.

X Burn


[CARD]Molten Disaster[/CARD] - Demonfire how we miss thee. Your replacement isn't bad, but lacks your finesse and is a turn slower on going lethal. Disintegration is a playable budget version or Blaze for a much worse replacement.

Staple Burn

Tarfire - Awesome. Shock but better; unless you are playing against Goyfs. Then you are kicking yourself in the nuts.

[CARD]Shock[/CARD] - Efficient. Versatile. Competes with Tarfire and generally loses, making it a budget replacement.

Rift Bolt - Lightning Bolt's second coming. Auto include for all builds.

[CARD]Incinerate[/CARD] - Lightning Bolt's replacement. Eminently 'fair' at 3 damage for 2 mana and it happens to kill aggravating regenerators. And yes, there are a few of those about. Skeletal Vampire has faded away in fright, but Korlash still abounds. 4-of.

Psionic Blast - Better than Char, because it isn't red. Only R/u can run and should probably run this over Char (When the budget allows). Also, we dont have char anymore so this is the best burn spell currently around.

Metagame/Budget/Sideboard Burn


Ghostfire - 3 mana for 3 damage. Better than most sideboard burn, but still not good enough to run maindeck. However, this card should be automatically included in sideboards. Colorless damage is very very useful.

[CARD]Guerrilla Tactics[/CARD] - Useful against anyone running Smallpox, or the random 'roguish' The Rack decks running around. Usually not enough of a metagame to be MD'd, but your FNM-mileage may vary greatly.

Orcish Cannonade - 3 mana for 2 damage, pretty horrible. Oh and it deals 3 to me as well, giving the opponent at best a 1 point lifeswing in their favor? Why is this card in here!?!? Draw a card.. Cantrip burn my friends, cantrip burn. If you can afford a lightning bolt to the dome to get a chance at drawing into more burn; say casting this guy EOT then unloading next turn with your new burn and that Char you were saving... But then again, most sligh builds can't afford the extra lightning bolt to their head, but this card definitely deserves testing. Goes well with Quirion Dryad.

Sudden Shock - Low damage to cost ratio, but an amazing side ability. Not generally MD material unless you have alot of first-strike guys, which make it much better. R/w builds can run this card MD with confidence as it's slight slack is taken up by Lightning Helix. Other builds should SB this usually, if they want to run it.

Land/Artifact Destruction

Avalanche Riders - Riding the 4-drop slot as they do, these guys usually don't see play, even a transformational LD sb would rather run 3cc LD spells. If you just want to have a SB answer to token-producing lands or Urzatron however, this guy is pretty solid.

[CARD]Shatter[/CARD] – The baseline artifact destruction spell for red. If this is all you've got, by all means. Generally single artifacts don't give Red enough trouble in this current cardpool to warrant it's SB inclusion, however.

Cyroclasm - The stone rain better than stone rain! Used to come in an 8-pack with the original Stone Rain, and used to be highly effective in any kind of control-filled meta. These days, control has alot more non-basics and swamps than plains, so it's usefulness has diminished.

Tech and SB material


Keldon Megaliths - Run at least 2 of these. The second coming of Cursed Scroll. Look not to that pretend, the Magus. Here in is the glorious return of our colorless, repeatable late-game damage dealing machine.

Browbeat - If ever a card of conflicted opinions there was, it was Browbeat. Back in my days of playing RDW in extended (pre-rotation, of course, when RDW was really red, not R/W), browbeat was a staple card for my deck that worked pretty amazingly. Why? Because by the time I cast it, they were around 10 life and I had at least one Lava Dart and/or a Firebolt in my graveyard that made their life more like 7; so taking the 5 damage was inconviebable to my opponents. My deck was such, that it always did the same thing, every time, all the time. Sligh decks these days are not that powerful or fast and more often than not, you'll find your opponent with an actual choice when you cast this spell. They will always choose the thing that benefits you the least.

To sum: If you want to play this card, okay, but I really don't suggest doing so in T2. Low priority.

Threaten / Word of Seizing - Threaten costs less and actually fits into the Sligh curve without being a pain to cast (for most builds). Word of Seizing cannot be countered/stopped by 99.9% of the answers out there. (Watch out for decks running Willbender, otherwise...) Generally, these cards are used to help get around CoP:Red in a purist build, but they are highly situational cards. Medium or low priority, depending on your meta.

Tormod's Crypt - Surprisingly enough, this card isn't actually the best for hosing graveyard schemes. Very rarely do you need to take out more than one card at once and while a one-shot sweep is nice, what you really need is reliable, repeated removal to keep them from recovering and doing it anyways. On the other hand, pure red doesn't have many options, so it's better than nothing.

Pendelhaven - Wait, doesn't this card make green? Well yes. So it should go in R/G Sligh decks, right? Well yes, but it ALSO goes in mono-red decks. Just as a one-of mind, but given Sligh's tendency to run more 1-drops than anyone else at a tournament, we get AMAZING mileage out of this card. Turn your Mogg Fanatic into a Kird Ape! You know you want to! Multi-colored builds aside from R/g however, usually cant run this, making this an odd mono-red choice for the MD.

Pithing Needle - Loxodon Warhammer beating you down? Fed up with a opponent that keeps telling you stories? Needle to the rescue! Seriously, if you have a playset, just toss them in your sideboard. You'll find something to use them on.

Martyr of Ashes - Nerfs a dead deck, slaughters glass-hammer aggro. Of course, you cant have too many creatures out yourself, or it's just a 1/1.

Greater Gargadon - The red man's answer to removal. With one of these bad-boys up in the air, every time your opponent tries to do something, they bring it closer to the realm of reality. Very useful against LD decks and removal that gains life; like Tendrils of Corruption.

Variations of Sligh

Red: The purists choice, consisting of pretty good weenies, followed up by tempo-aggressive low & midrange choices and packing alot of burn to clear the way/hit the dome. Follows the curve pretty strictly.
Red, Goblins: Subtheme on red is to focus on the synergy between the various Goblin cards, typically Goblin King and the ability to MD non-basic hosers like Blood Moon. Of late, this is often also B/R and plays a long-term reanimation theme. Not bad, but slow compared to other aggro decks.
Red, Snow: Almost not a subdeck, this deck runs all snow-mountains and the occasional card that uses snow mana; vis a vis, Mouth of Ronom, Skred, Phyrexian Ironfoot. Most purist decks run all snow lands even if they don't use these cards, to ease switching in Skred/Phyrexian Ironfoot if they need to.

Green: Also known/similar to Gruul, R/G Sligh tends to be a little heavy on creatures over burn. Tarmogoyf fits into the sligh curve like a glove while being on pretty much every account better than available mono-red options. This archetype lots alot of beaters when Ravnica block rotated out, but it also gained new contenders like Wren's Run Vanquisher. It's entirely possible that she makes up for the loss of Gruul goodies; though the mana-base is a bit harder now.

White: Not really seen at the moment, as Boros truly died with Ravnica rotates. Lorwyn's red-white cross is Giants of all things, who remain stubbornly non constructed playable, with the exception of a certain Stoutarm.

Black: 'Satanic Sligh' focuses more on the Burn aspect as a rule, featuring more x-spells, more land and more burn, with card-advantage creating creatures valued over sheer red-zone stats. Cards like Shadow Guildmage and Dark Confidant fuel this deck, with Demonfire and Giant Solifuge as always, serving as finishers. This deck has lost alot as well when Ravnica went away. Can the black goblins replace a card advantage engine, one of the best x-spells printed for red and a monstrous control-resistant finisher? I doubt it.

Blue: The long sought after, rarely successful 'Fish' deck resides here. Featuring the best burn available, like Psionic Blast along with unblockable or card-drawing creatures, it can even sideboard counters... but tends to rarely be played through exhaustively or tuned for a long period of time. Needs testing and evaluation as global metagame activity of this deck is near nil.

New sample decks needed, especially with the rotation. PM with list and high-points of your build.

Enjoy, Discuss, Play, Win.

Thanks to SlighFox the original Archetype Creator for Onslaught-Mirrodin Type 2, Scrotor, Pato_Lucas, Feral_the_Prophet, Unforgiven555, MrIndigo and others for their help on the thread and primer. Special mention to Unforgiven for his aid in making the distinction between Deadguy Red and true Sligh, among other fixes for the primer. Mike Flores deserves some mention too, since many of his articles and comments are included here.

This thread is incomplete and will be updated as the days progress. The last Sligh thread is here and contains more on the history and philoshopy of Sligh. Much of the content of this post is not mine and has been reposted with the permission of the original compiler (MrIndigo). If you disagree with my assessments of Sligh, a card, matchup strategy or anything else, please post and let me know. I'm a reasonable guy and good arguements will result in more material being incorporated into this post.

Things to do:

Finish card suggestions. (Drops, Various Burn finished. Artifact/LD section, Tech/SB section still need to be expanded, suggestions needed)
Expand information on R/u, card suggestions, run-down and decklists.
Post more sample decks.
Match specific tips.

2/24/07 - Updated with Planar Chaos creatures of note.
3/17/07 - Updated with Sample decks, Pendelhaven.
3/22/07 - Updated thread name, updated comparisions on some cards.
4/24/07 - Updated with Future Sight cards.
7/20/07 - Updated with 10th Edition cards, removed 9th Edition cards, updated some card ratings, cleared Sample Decklist section.
7/23/07 - Updated Sample Decks, switched size=1 on card listings into sblocks, added Gathan Raider and it's pros/cons.
11/10/07 - Removed Ravnica block cards, updated 1 and 2 drops, removed Ravnica block decklists.
I like Browbeat for some decent burn or CA.
Wow, that's a lot to read through. Hopefully players new to Sligh won't be so intimidated.

Looks good, though

I'll put up a sample decklist for a G/R Sligh deck I've had success with later today.
Burn needs to expanded:
-Seal of Fire as it's probably better than shock.
-Rift Bolt as its just too good.
-Psionic Blast deserves mention for R/U.
My trade thread http://community.wizards.com/marketplace/go/thread/view/94957/22369033?sdb=1&post_num=1#389455421
Just want to say this is one of the most intelligent and well written threads I have read for a long time. I started playing a sligh deck back in Tempest and have always kept one going ever since. I stopped playing around Kamigawa block and am just starting again so this will be a big help with updating my deck.
I think Burning-Tree Shaman needs mention for R/g sligh.
Try SBlocks or smaller text for the card-by-cards, it makes it neater and easier to read or scroll past.

why why why

sligh has a few things going for it

1) consistancy
2) consistancy
3) consistancy

if you splash a second color it's no longer sligh, you lack


I dont mind seeing a splash in a second post or whatever but .... this is THE MONO RED DECK

and please dont say it cant be done effectivly in todays meta ...
that being said I cant criticize without helping as well

(and I meant no offence to anyone who likes the veriants off sligh that add a color)

creatures: 24
One-drops: 11
4 Frenzied Goblin
2 Goblin Mountaineer
2 Mogg Sentry
3 Raging Goblin

Two-drops: 7
3 Goblin Skycutter
2 Mogg War Marshal
2 Thick-Skinned Goblin

Three drops: 4
4 goblin king

Four-drops: 2
2 Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician

X burn/removal: 3
2 demonfire
1 Conflagrate

land /artifact destruction: 0

Low cc burn spells: 13
3 lightning rift
3 orcish canondade
3 shock
2 char
2 lightning storm

Splash-color land: 0

Mana sources: 20
20 mountian

went with the goblin theme here but it's not nessisary the wide range of options. the lack of 4 ofs demonstrates the idea that it's not the card that makes the deck.
Yeah I think it would look good if you put the red cards first in each section then the off colour cards.
Nice thread, much needed.
The 'why' is popular demand. I simply don't know anyone playing a mono-red deck in my meta. Similarly, out of near three hundred people in my champs, there was not a single mono-red deck. The decks that came closest were primarialy red with a small splash. They played like a classic sligh deck, with a classic sligh philoshopy. Begruding them coverage because of that is kind of self-defeating, to my eyes.

@MrIndigo & Prince Charming Frog
Smaller text and sorted by color, coming up.

@Lim Dul's Apprentice
It truly does, I'll expand burn and make the other changes mentioned so far later tonight after I'm done with my college classes.
You missed Suq'ata Lancer...

why why why

sligh has a few things going for it

1) consistancy
2) consistancy
3) consistancy

if you splash a second color it's no longer sligh, you lack


I dont mind seeing a splash in a second post or whatever but .... this is THE MONO RED DECK

and please dont say it cant be done effectivly in todays meta ...

Dude, back during the days of Onslaught/Mirrodin my Sligh deck ran 3 City of Brass and 3 Wooded Foothills for Naturalize and a couple other green cards. That was way before the days of Ravnica, and the deck did very well.

These days, there's a WHOLE lot more incentive to run two colors in Sligh--you have access to powerful spells like Lightning Helix or Moldervine Cloak, and powerful creatures like Dark Confidant (card-drawing in Sligh! ), Kird Ape, and Scab-Clan Mauler, just to name a few. Why deny yourself the use of such powerful tools?

Sligh does not need to be mono-red. That has never, ever been the case. No one flamed me for splashing green during Onslaught/Mirrodin (in fact I had a lot of people wanting testing results), and adding a second color is much easier now than it was then.

You have given exactly one reason to stay mono-red: consistency. I can give you 9 reasons why you won't have to worry about consistency:

1. Blood Crypt
2. Sacred Foundry
3. Stomping Grounds
4. Steam Vents
5. Battlefield Forge
6. Karplusan Forest
7. Shivan Reef
8. Sulfurous Springs
9. Terramorphic Expanse
Here's an approximation of the Red/Green Sligh I've been playing. It's fluctuated a bit, so I honestly couldn't tell you exactly what it looks like right now, but the basics are all here:

12 Forest
7 Mountain
3 Stomping Ground
(22 land)

4 Boros Recruit
4 Kird Ape
4 Frenzied Goblin
3 Karplusan Wolverine
4 Silhana Ledgewalker
4 Scab-Clan Mauler
3 Burning-Tree Shaman
(26 creatures)

4 Seal of Fire
4 Sudden Shock
4 Moldervine Cloak
(12 spells)

I designed the deck mostly around the power of Moldervine Cloak. The ideal start for this deck would be turn one Mountain, Kird Ape, turn two Forest, swing for 2, Scab-Clan Mauler, turn three Moldervine Cloak on the Mauler and swing with a 6/6 trampling creature on turn three. Eat THAT, Akroma!

This deck is capable of very explosive starts like the one I just illustrated, and the recurring nature of the Cloak means that any of my creatures can become threats. I've won many games riding a Cloaked Silhana Ledgewalker to victory.

I have been disappointed by Karplusan Wolverine, and am seeking a replacement, but the best I can find at the moment is Skred, which would drop my creature count to 23. Twenty-three is a little low when the deck is based around an Enchant Creature. Any suggestions?
Dryad Sophisticate?
Yeah, I was wondering about the Wolverines, as I've never seen them perform well. I'd suggest Scorched Rusalka as a replacement, personally. But wilkin's suggestion of Sophisticate could have merit, if it can fit in your curve.

I imagine the Boros Recruits are doing well in combination with Sudden Shock, yes? I was planning on suggesting Sudden Shock as a MD choice only for sligh decks with one or more 4-ofs that have first strike.
Yeah, I was wondering about the Wolverines, as I've never seen them perform well. I'd suggest Scorched Rusalka as a replacement, personally. But wilkin's suggestion of Sophisticate could have merit, if it can fit in your curve.

I imagine the Boros Recruits are doing well in combination with Sudden Shock, yes? I was planning on suggesting Sudden Shock as a MD choice only for sligh decks with one or more 4-ofs that have first strike.

Yes, the Recruits do like Sudden Shock, but they like Moldervine Cloak even more. You should see how big my opponents frown when I drop a Cloak on these guys on turn three. I mean, seriously, can your deck handle a 4/4 first striker swinging at your face that early? It's not fun. For them. :D

Dryad Sophisticate is a good idea. I had it in the deck once upon a time, and wasn't terribly impressed--fifty percent of the time it was just a 2/1 body for two, which ain't bad, but isn't great, either. But, that was before Cold Snap. I haven't retested it for the new meta. It fits my curve just fine, in place of the Wolverines.

(Granted, I want to have lots of one-drops in the deck to facilitate a turn-two Scab-Clan Mauler, but between Kird Ape, Frenzied Goblin, Boros Recruit, and Seal of Fire, I shouldn't have too much trouble in that department.)

Scorched Rusalka... I have mixed feelings about him.
Okay, wow, things are a little different the second time around...

Now, for all that read my last tournament report, the deck has changed somewhat...
This weeks deck...

Land 22
4 Blood Crypt
4 Sulfurous Springs
3 Swamps
11 Mountains

Creaures 22
4 Scorched Rusulka
3 Frenzied Goblin
4 Rakdos Guildmage
3 Dark Confident
4 Suq'Ata Lancer
4 Giant Solifuge

Spells 16
4 Seal of Fire
4 Rift Bolt
4 Volcanic Hammer
4 Char

Sideboard 15
4 Blood Moon
4 Cryoclasm
3 Stone Rain
2 Shattering Spree
2 Phyrexian Totem

Card changes...
OUT: 4 Sudden Shock, 4 Magus of the Scroll, 1 Dark Confident. SB 4 Cruel Edict, 1 Shattering Spree.
IN: 4 Volcanic Hammer, 4 Scorched Rusulka, 1 Giant Solifuge. SB 3 Stone Rain, 2 Phyrexian Totem.

Volcanic Hammer has better Damage to Mana ratio than Sudden Shock.
Scorched Rusulka is strickly better than Magus in this deck, and hurts Wrath (if only a little.)
I have found that when I bring in Blood Moon, it is better to board out my Bobs for Land D.

Okay, now for some back story.
With about 2 hours before FNM started, I was hanging with my mate Ads (short for Adrian) and he decided to build a new deck before that night and play cold (that is, with having tested.)
I couldn't be bothered stating the many reasons this was a terrible idea, I asked him 'What colours, and what flavour?'
He replied 'White Red Beatdown.' 'Great!' I said, and in 5 minutes I wrote him a Boros Deck Wins list and fetched the cards.
We hobbled along to the tournament and here are the results...

Here's the lowdown

Round 1: BWG Rock
Okay, this was horrible. God aweful. No joking, I almost dropped.
I open up early first game with Scorched Rusulka and Rakdos Guildmage. He drops Hierarch. I blow that sucker away and keep swinging. Wrath. Scarab. I drop Frenzied Goblin and Lancer. Wrath. Hierarch. Scarab. Recollect. Wrath. Scarab. Putrefy. Putrefy. Devouring Light. Wrath. Scarab. I wanted to cry so bad. He wins comfortably.
Second game I board in Blood Moon and Stone Rain. I draw 2 Stone Rain's, 2 Goblins and 3 Land. I pour on the angry red syrup from turn One and draw nothing but land. He wins by casting 3 Call of the Herd's and mashing me like an Irish potato.


Round 2: Solar Pox
After spending 5 full minutes telling my deck that it would end up at the bottom of the river with a repeat performance, I saddled up again. My deck was obviously sorry, as my opening hand was Mountain, Goblin, Blood Crypt, Bob, Hammer, Mountain, Lancer. Within 4 turns I had him on 8 with Char and Seal in hand. Turns out he simply couldn't find a Wrath even after casting 2 Compulsive Research's and a Court Hussar (which got Hammered.) I won on 19 life.
I board in Blood Moon, Stone Rain and Cryoclasm over Rift Bolt, Seal and Bob.
By turn 5 he has 4 land (All Mountains) and an Orzhov Signet. I drop Giant Solifuge and he scoops. Yay to me.


Round 3: UR Counter Phoenix
One of the local wiz kid's was playing this, so to be honest, I was scared. We've locked horns before at local PreReleases and it usually ends up being him, me and Ad's competing for top position. Thankfully I know what annoys him.
Me. First game I come roaring out of the gate with early Bob and 2 Rusulka. They quickly get Electroylized and I lay beats with Giant Solifuge, who gets Pyroclasmed. I drop Seal of Fire and Lancer. He drops Jaya, who gets Sealed. He drops a second Jaya, which I hammer. Lancer takes him to 9. He passes the turn and I cast Char at EOT, which he counters. I cast Giant Solifuge and another Char. He scoops with 3 land and Compulsive Reasearch in hand.
I board in Cryoclasm, Stone Rain and Phrexian Totem.
With my hand Totem, Blood Crypt, Cryoclasm, Solifuge, Mountain, Mountain, Guildmage, I kill him on the 6th turn, after destroying 2 Islands and a Steam Vents. Totem REALLY proved itself in this matchup, and I'm back in the running.


Round 4: GWU Weenie Beatdown
I knew this guy was packing Moldervine Cloak, but that was about it. As it turned out, there was little need to worry.
Although the deck was powerful (Court Hussar, Moldervine Cloak, Mistral Charger, Pride of the Clouds), he ran 20 nonbasic land and no enchantment removal. After being steamrolled first game, I dropped Blood Moon 3rd turn in the second game and 4th turn in the third game. He walked away muttering something like 'F--king 9th Edition.'


Round 5: UG Beats
I start early with double Seal and Rift Bolt, followed by Goblin, Guildmage and Solifuge. I burn away everything he has until his Spectral 8/8 death-mahine hits the table. I take one hit from it and go to 9. I cast double Char at EOT and finish him off with Hammer and an extra Goblin friend from my lovely zombie.
I was really unsure as to what to board in. In the end I decided on Cryoclasm and Phyrexian Totem.
We both get very shaky starts. I cast my first spell on turn 3, a Cryoclasm on his Breeding Pool. I then realize his only source of green is 1 Llanowar Elf and 4th turn I Hammer it into oblivion and drop Bob. I win 3 turns later with Solifuge and Guildmage after topdecking 2 Rift Bolts in a row. He never recovered.


My Finals pair-up is Ads. He's gone 4-1 and I know its not going to be pretty.
First game takes almost 30 minutes to finish, I lose with Ads on 1 life.
Second game he boards in CoP: Red, Sol Priest and Opal Guardian. I lose in 6 minutes, with Ads on 3 life.

I play off with Sunny (another guy I've known for years) for 3rd place and make it easily, 2 games zip.

Ads hands me half his booster packs, telling me it was my decklist and therefore my victory.
The deck performed well. but needs more testing outside of my area.
I'm yet to play against Zoo or Reclamation.
yes I would say if you had MD nats in your deck you werent running sligh. very sligh like probably but not sligh. sligh is all about never having a dead card.

if you were to splash a color and still call it sligh I woud say that you would have to use cards like

Radkos guildmage and Kill-Suit Cultist where if you dont draw the right land then you could still play it.

unless you could make it where all the cards in your deck could get either color of mana, which I dont think would really be worth it. 4 pain, 4 shock, 4 snow duals, 4 gemstone mines, ...

dont get me wrong, I think the other decks are effective but adding another color without taking into account the basis of sligh's never mana screwed philosophy is wrong. Im just adding my point of view and not trying to flame anyone.
yes I would say if you had MD nats in your deck you werent running sligh. very sligh like probably but not sligh. sligh is all about never having a dead card.

if you were to splash a color and still call it sligh I woud say that you would have to use cards like

Radkos guildmage and Kill-Suit Cultist where if you dont draw the right land then you could still play it.

unless you could make it where all the cards in your deck could get either color of mana, which I dont think would really be worth it. 4 pain, 4 shock, 4 snow duals, 4 gemstone mines, ...

dont get me wrong, I think the other decks are effective but adding another color without taking into account the basis of sligh's never mana screwed philosophy is wrong. Im just adding my point of view and not trying to flame anyone.

Actually the Naturalize was sideboarded. I can't recall off the top of my head what green cards I had maindecked, and the decklist is buried at home somewhere. At the time, Sligh decks were getting steamrolled by overpowered artifacts (this was during the heyday of Mirrodin, after all), and there were a slew of troublesome enchantments, as well. Astral Slide, I'm looking at you.

It was a Sligh deck, but it needed answers for certain problems that the color red simply couldn't provide. So I dipped into green. The regular posters on the Sligh thread were nervous about running so many painlands, because of, well, all the pain they can give you. Some were also shared your current concerns of color-screw.

After testing the deck heavily against one of the best aggro decks of the time, White Weenie, I discovered that I rarely lost more than two or three points of life to my own lands, and that damage never made a difference in any of the games. In addition, I was hardly ever color-screwed. (I say hardly ever, because there were a few games in which I had trouble drawing a green mana source when I needed it, and lost before I was able to use a sideboarded Naturalize. %*&#ing Bonesplitter on a !@~$ing Skyhunter Skirmisher.) Most games, the mana flowed as smoothly as you could ask for from a 21-land deck. I was casting turn-two Slith Firewalkers no problem.

These days, I'm running a Red/Green Sligh deck, again. It has performed exceptionally well against combo decks, and can keep pace with any aggro deck (although Zoo gives me trouble because of their lifegain). The only deck I fear is control, but I'm working on that ;) . Land destruction in the sideboard looks like a good answer :D .

I've played the deck in more games than I'd care to count, and was mana-screwed exactly twice. The first time, I was playing against a land-destruction-heavy deck, and it nuked my single green mana source early in the game. I was still able to bring him to four life before his Rimefeather Owl killed me. The second time, I was playing against Zoo, and keep a hand that I shouldn't have kept. It had double Naturalize and two Forests, and he had steamrolled me with a Jitte-wielding Paladin en-Vec the first game. But, I drew nothing but red spells and Moldervine Cloak while he preceded to nuke the few creatures I managed to drop and roll over me with Watchwolves and a Giant Solifuge. He never drew a Jitte.

So, if my lands get nuked, then I have mana problems. Duh. And, if I keep hands when I should mulligan, I have mana problems. Duh. A good player should know when to mulligan, and I made a dumb, rookie mistake. And a good deck can fight through LD--which my deck did. I kept him on the ropes right up to the end, when a massive flying creature smashed my face in.

There is nothing wrong with playing mono-red Sligh. But neither is there anything wrong with playing two-color Sligh. I've been playing Limited (mostly Draft, with some Sealed deck) for years; I know how many lands of a particular color I need for my deck to flow, and so should any good Draft player. You don't need every land in your deck to tap for both red and greeen--you just need your ratio of lands that tap for green and lands that tap for red to match the ratio of green to red spells in your deck.

Wow, this has ended up being a much longer post than I anticipated. Well, I'll wrap up being saying that not only can you play Sligh be dual-colored, but that allowing yourself that second color gives you many options that would not be available to you in pure red. You know, the little things, like card-drawing, or enchantment-hate.
Has anyone tried a red/blue Sligh deck, yet? I've been building a mono-blue aggro deck, but it's not quite the same as Sligh. I will be able to give some testing results on Flying Men, Drifter il-Dal, and the like, but that'll be in a mono-blue deck.
i must say i somewhat dislike cloak... i guess it does fit this particular deck ok, but i just never really like the 3/3 with haste that dies if it's partner is killed in tempo-heavy aggro decks.

EDIT: PM me or post in the archetype thread when this gets a few posts and i'll link it (if i haven't already by then)
i must say i somewhat dislike cloak... i guess it does fit this particular deck ok, but i just never really like the 3/3 with haste that dies if it's partner is killed in tempo-heavy aggro decks.

EDIT: PM me or post in the archetype thread when this gets a few posts and i'll link it (if i haven't already by then)

I agree whole hartedly. also the number of times you lose card advantage due to them killing the target in responce isnt worth the stubbornness of the cloak staying in play. also 2 creatures are harder to block then 1.

as for the 2 color debate, yes dual colors can work, and quite effectivly, it just ignores a cardnal rule of sligh and that is its consistancy. I could build pure black or pure blue decks and still have them match sligh's curve to perfection, but they wouldnt be sligh.

for instance black:

One-drops: 10
4 Festering Goblin
4 Plagued Rusalka
2 Mindlash Sliver

Two-drops: 8
4 Dark Confidant
4 Dauthi Slayer

Three drops: 4
4 hypnotic spector

Four-drops: 2
2 Plague Sliver

X burn/removal: 3
3 Consume Spirit

land /artifact destruction: 0

Low cc burn spells: 13
4 Last Gasp
3 Cruel Edict
2 Enfeeblement
4 Sudden Death

Splash-color land: 0

Mana sources: 20
20 swamp

note I used the same basic curve of my last deck, I followed the rule on DD as it's supposed to always hit your opponents creatures (this is more fool proof). the deck will work quite well. and there is all kinds of reasons i could call it sligh, but it's black, thus not sligh.

mono U

creatures: 24
One-drops: 11
3 flying men
2 Drifter il-Dal
4 Sage of Epityr
3 Martyr of Frost

Two-drops: 8
1 Imaginary Pet
3 Dimir Guildmage
4 Voidmage Prodigy

Three drops: 3
3 Vexing Sphinx

Four-drops: 2
2 Clone

X burn/removal: 3
3 Gigadrowse

land /artifact destruction: 0

Low cc burn spells: 13
4 Psionic Blast
4 Time Ebb
2 Frozen Solid
3 Temporal Eddy

Splash-color land: 4
4 watery grave

Mana sources: 20
16 Islands

as for multi colored deckists:


creatures: 24
One-drops: 11
4 Sage of Epityr
2 drifter il-dal
2 Karplusan Wolverine
3 Mogg Sentry

Two-drops: 7
4 Krovikan Mist
3 goblin skycutter

Three drops: 4
4 goblin flectomancer

Four-drops: 2
2 Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician

X burn/removal: 4
2 demonfire
2 gigadrowse

land /artifact destruction: 0

Low cc burn spells: 12
4 char
4 electrolyze
4 Psionic Blast

4 pain
4 shock
6 islands
6 mountians

creatures could use some work, was thinking about izzet GM and using other DD spells


1 drops: 12
4 Savannah Lions
4 infantry vetran
4 Karplusan Wolverine

2 drops 8
4 Boros Swiftblade
2 Soltari Priest
2 Serra Avenger

3 drops 4
4 Skyknight Legionnaire

4 drops 2
2 Flame-Kin Zealot

X spells 2
2 demonfire

cheap burn 12
4 lightning helix
4 sudden shock
4 seal of fire

20 land
4 pain
4 shock
4 mountians
8 plains
Great thread, makes me want to play the deck!
I might try to throw together a RG version tonight.
There is no deck that will be optimal in today's metagame that is not multicolored. If you aren't splashing that's a mistake, the current sets are designed for splashing.

A manabase of 21 can currently consist of:

4 Duals
4 Pains
4 Terramorphic (not great for aggro, but works if you're psychotic)
6 basic #1
3 basic #2

This set up with get you through games without color screw 99% of games you play. Zoo does amazingly well with 3 colors. Sure it gets color screwed, but it's won so many titles that you can't say that two coloring will ruin a deck's consistency.

Red just doesn't have the most efficient creatures. It has nothing that you can compare to savannah lions, or scab-clan, or kird ape. If you don't splash your deck will be worse than a deck that takes the "risk."

In any case, very few sligh cards even cost so even splashing basics won't cause much harm as long as you get that one source.

I tested sligh when TS came out, and mono-red just doesn't compare with or .
yes and this is why bloodmoon is such an awesome SB card right now. in fact I'd MD at least 1 if prepairing for a toury. this is easier to do in mono red, and mono red avoids the weakness to cards like this (and the weakness of not being able to use this card to your advantage easily).

honestly I agree it's easy to splash right now, and splash effectivly. I currently am running a 3 color deck and rarely see any mana problems. but a few accurately placed LD cards or bloodmoon and I could be in alot of trouble.

next subject, working on sliver sligh

current build:

creatures: 14
1 drops
4 mindlash sliver

2 drops
4 ghostflame sliver

3 drops
4 sedge sliver

4 drops
2 bonesplitter sliver

unknown 10

spells 14
4 char
4 sudden death
4 seal of fire
2 demonfire

lands: whatever needed

now come the options

I can either add white to use sidewinder sliver completing the 1 cc as slivery as possible, also this gives access to lightning helix. I could add some non sliver 1 and 2 mana creatures... I could leave it RB and just add more DD and such.

I have to say no on sliver sligh. There aren't enough really good slivers to run it, and there are just better creatures. Slivers lose to targeted removal, because they can't recover as easily as other creatures, and are generally very weak on their own. Plus, you would need to go into 3-4 colors to even get a good sligh creature curve, and your creatures would be sub-par.
Seeing as you probably haven't read my post on the other Sligh thread:

Gonbow, about your Sligh thread:

I do suggest you drop the WW drops and BB drops from the Card Choices 2 drops section. Generally, Sligh is more red, and thus would have problems supporting WW or BB. The decks that play WW drops are called WW/r. Not Sligh. And I would say that Boros is more White Weenie with burn than Sligh, as Sligh likes its board control.

I also wish to disagree with your evaluation of Izolda.

Lyzolda, the Blood Witch - So sexy. So bad. To start off with, her abilities requires that you sacrifice creatures, guys you'd rather be attacking with. Secondly, it costs 2 mana to activate, unlike the 1 mana which makes Scorched Rusalka so effective. Then, last but not least, she dies at a sneeze and usually without even getting to sac herself to her own ability. Not recommended in R/b builds.

Izolda is good as a 5 drop, as Sligh doesn't mind card Advantage. A beater that turns into a 3-for-1 Shock(1 removal Spell of your opponents, one creature destroyed(Or 2 dmg to the head, by the Philosophy of Fire), and you draw a card in trade for your 3/1) is always nice. It's hard to remove. Just have 2 mana open.

No, I saw it.

Your statement is entirely accurate, she makes an okay 5-drop. (At this point in the game, would you rather have Demonfire to hit your opponent for 4 or Lyzolda? Or how about a Lightning Serpent with an X of 4, a 6/1 trampler with haste. In R/B along, Dread Slag would probably be a better 5-drop, coming in at 5/5 or 9/9)

However, we don't run 5-drops. A Sligh deck is going to run 20-21 land, with rare exception. Even R/B, which runs more lands that normal, isn't going to be able to consistently cast and use Lyzolda as a 5-drop that does anything other than deal 2 damage and draw a card. And if a sligh deck wants a card that does that, we have Orcish Cannonade for all builds, or Electrolyze for R/U, both of which are much cheaper and thus, better suited for us.

So my final analysis for Lyzolda is that she is just too slow. If her sac ability cost 1, she'd probably be highly playable, in all honesty.
slivers arent completely optimal but I think sedge sliver is the best 3 drop we have. also I like mindlash. maybe it's too combo ish to be sligh, but Im liking it and it's playing like sligh

What burn to use?
This depends alot on what type of aggro you have in your meta. if you play against alot of RG WG or zoo type aggro then your shocks and seal of fire arent going to be helpful and you will need to resort to char/volcanic hammer. if you play against alot of low toughness creatures (like skies mono u or mirror matches) you will be much better off using shock and seal of fire.

burn for diffrent decks:
obviously you want lightning helix as your staple for anything with RW.
you want to staple electrolyze and psionic blast.
a solid RG build wants to staple pyroclasm (most of your creatures should be larger then 2 toughness).
bg want more shock and seal to lower CC from dark confidant.
lightnig rift and grapeshot work well together, esp in decks with dark confidant in them.
fiery temper and lightning axe have some nice synergy, also helpful with any other discard effects.
goblin skyhunter is my favorite DD spell against flying decks.

...are Sligh people using this thread now? Is there a consensus?
I like this thread much better than the other one. Something about going to the last of a million pages kinda turns me off. And this thread is very well written. I'd like to see discussion here.
...it's so fresh and so clean...

...are Sligh people using this thread now? Is there a consensus?

Well, I was asked my the maintainer of the last thread to start this one, so... if you want a thread whose front'll get updated, this is where it is at. Is there anything you guys would like to hear my thoughts on in particular?

P.S: Match-up reports of specific decks against the various archetypes that have solidified now that we are post-worlds would be awesome guys, don't be shy.
However, we don't run 5-drops. A Sligh deck is going to run 20-21 land, with rare exception. Even R/B, which runs more lands that normal, isn't going to be able to consistently cast and use Lyzolda as a 5-drop that does anything other than deal 2 damage and draw a card. And if a sligh deck wants a card that does that, we have Orcish Cannonade for all builds, or Electrolyze for R/U, both of which are much cheaper and thus, better suited for us.

So my final analysis for Lyzolda is that she is just too slow. If her sac ability cost 1, she'd probably be highly playable, in all honesty.

You make it sound like we hate the lategame sooooo much. Against other Aggro, don't we have to play control? We certainly have the burn to do so, and how well do we race? Therefore devoting two slots to a 3-for-1...I'd say is okay. On 22 lands, there are plenty of times where I see too much land, and no juice. Demonfire for 4, would be much more of an aggressive style than controlling, no?
Sad news, guys. R/G Sligh just ain't good enough, it seems. In testing, Zoo (red/green/white, occasionally black) has slightly better creatures and more answers for all the threats my red/green variant can drop. Red/Black Sligh tends to be burn-heavy, and they can keep my side of the board clear while they keep swinging.

I haven't found any good answers for Dragonstorm in red/green, and R/G just plain loses to Martyr of Sands.

All in all, I'm sorry to say, Red/Green Sligh just can't cut it in the current metagame. I wish it weren't so, because I love the deck, but it's not going to see any tournament succes anytime soon.
Is Raging Goblin any good anymore?

Also, thoughts on Rite of Flame? Turn 1, 2 1-drops.
Is Raging Goblin any good anymore?

Um... no. It's outclassed. With Frenzied Goblin, Boros Recruit, Magus of the Scroll, Kird Ape, Mogg Sentry, and other good one-drops at our disposal, a 1/1 creature who's only ability is that he pokes your opponent once before they have a chance to play a blocker just ain't worth it.

Also, thoughts on Rite of Flame? Turn 1, 2 1-drops.

Also not worth it, for a couple reasons. First, getting one-drops into play is not hard. At all. Second, you'd never going to be happy to see the Rite except in your opening hand, along with a Mountain and a couple one-drops. So you get one of your one-drops out a turn faster. Big deal.

I suppose that it could have some potential in a deck with lots of one-drops plus Demonfire--you can use it early game to get a little headstart with your offense, then use it late-game to power out a large Demonfire to your opponent's head. But that sounds more like an aggro/combo deck than a Sligh deck, to me. And it sounds risky. I wouldn't bother. Stick with the tried-and-true method of curving out your creatures, burning away blockers, and swinging FTW.
I concur with Feral in both accounts.
--Raging Goblin is definitely outclassed in today's standard Sligh (I use Frenzied Goblin and Boros Recruit myself).
--Rite of Flame is awesome in an opening hand or even on the second turn. However, it is not worth it when you would rather be drawing burn or a creature in any phase of the game.
You're right, I just wanted to be sure.

Although ROF was a great thing to have turn 2.

Turn 1: Mogg Sentry (He's a 4-of now for me).
Turn 2: ROF, Suq'ata Lancer, swing for 3.

Its not worth it but it was cool to speed up an extra turn, practially a time walk for us (kinda).

I have been enjoying 2 Keldon Halberdier. Hes a good early game drop/smash face for little mana. He always comes in at the right time too, just when you start to peder out, then BAM, 4/1 First striker with haste.

I was looking at the pool of red creatures with which to build Sligh and I came to the conclusion that red has its weakest pool of creatures its had in years. Its so sad, theres next to no three drops, fairly strong one drops, barely any two drops...hopefully Planar Chaos can bring us some sweet stuff.

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