Re-creating the Movies, Miniature Style: A New Hope

So one of my friends and I are playing out the movies miniature style.

We started with A New Hope. He's been playing as the Rebels this movie, we'll switch it up for Empire and again for RotJ and so on. The last match we played was the Death Star Trench Run.

We try to match the theme as best as possible while still hopefully having it fair.

So we came up with these two squads:

Luke Skywalker, Hero of Yavin - 35
Biggs Darklighter - 26
Wedge Antilles - 22
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Spirit - 8
R2-D2 - 8
99 Points, 5 Activations

100 pt Alternates: Wedge Red 2 and a Rebel Pilot instead of Wedge Antilles.
150 pt Alternates: Add Han Solo, Smuggler and Chewbacca

Darth Vader, Champion of the Sith - 50
Grand Moff Tarkin - 11
Death Star Gunner x 2 - 22
Imperial Pilot x 2 - 16
99 Points, 6 Activtions

100 Pt Alternates: Governer Tarkin and minus one Gunner (but I think the RS one fits better).

I didn't come up with any other higher point alternatives for the Imperials.

I'm the more seasoned player between my friend and I so I thought giving him the Original Wedge rather than Red 2 would result in a better game even if a little bit of theme was sacrificed.

So, question to all of you is: how would you tailor one particular squad to match not only the theme but also to have some kind of parity between the two squads? (As you wouldn't want it to be too lopsided.)

Match Report:

Funny thing was it played out much like the movie scenes. Vader took down Biggs and Wedge but not before the brought him down to 20HP (failing splash saves from his Gunners didn't help matters). R2 was taken out somewhere in the middle of all that.

Luke took out a gunner and the two pilots. One of the other gunners fell after missing a reroll under Vader's CE. 30 damage managed to make it through in return.

By the last initative it was Luke with 10HP's left and three FP's, Vader with 20HP's and 1 FP left to deflect and Tarkin at full 40HP.

Rebels won init, Luke's first of his twin attacks is a Critical. Vader's misses the deflect save. Luke's flurry (hopefully the ruling is you're allowed to use it on a different character) attack landed on Tarkin. Subsequent attacks missed but when my friend Re-rolled he hit for the win.

Finally tally: Luke defeated my whole squad (if you count the fact that one of the defeated gunners was attacking Luke when he missed the re-roll) in two turns.
I don't see how the Imps would stand a chance against those pilots.
It was actually a really close game. I would have likely won the match had I won the last initiative. Luke won the game with only 10HP left on him. I made a couple of mistakes as well that added up in the end. Evade and double/twin is fun, but even with mettle Luke still has to roll a 14 to hit Vader and you're only real option of combining fire is Wedge.

I suppose you can also combine with Biggs but he's got a +12 attack rating so you might as well attack with him too. He actually did quite a bit of damage to Vader before he went down. In the end, he can't evade melee attacks and adjacent enemies.

Anyway, the match was fair for my friend and I, but if you wanted to recreate the same battle SWM style how would you build the two squads?
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