Baby-public BMW

Baby (100 point)-public (Republic) Black Mas White = Baby-public BMW


--Baby-public BMW--
Jedi Weapons Master 26
Captain Panaka 23
Gungan Shieldbearer x2 36
Mas Amedda 8
Uggie x2 6
Total: 99 points 7 activations

Pretty simple.

Unshootable GSBs move forward. JWM switches and kablooies people. Switch back.

very nice very nice, most clever name i have every seen
not enough dmg output imo
I agree with Fingers. There are tons of 100 pt teams that will just get around your Shieldbearers and kill your only actual attacker (JWM) much too easily.

I'd perhaps suggest losing one of the shieldbearers for Lando DS. He's about as good a shooter you'll get for 18 pts.

Then I'd upgrade one of your two Ugo's to a Gran Raider. That gives you a piece of dispensable medium base swap-fodder for Panaka.

So you'd be looking at:

-Capt. Panaka (23)
-Jedi Weapons Master (26)
-Lando, Dashing Scoundrel (18)
-Gungan Shieldbearer (18)
-Mas Amedda (8)
-Gran Raider (4)
-Ugnaught Demo (3)

100 pts, 7 activations

I look the look of that much better.
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I'm afraid I don't have Lando, DS.

Or a Gran Raider that isn't in pieces, lol.