"No Disintegrations"

Well, more like "Please Be Disintegrated." I believe it has some competitive potential, but I made it just because I haven't used Gotal Fringers in like forever.

General Windu 72
JWM 26
Mon Mothma 23
Doombot 9
Mas Amedda 8
Czerka Scientist 13
4x Gotal Fringers 36
3x Ugnaughts 9
Tusken Raider 4
200 points

Well, pretty obvious in what I want to do. Windu+R2 go up and attack. JWM is backup. 4 Double Twin attacking Gotal Fringers should be enough to scare anyone (80% or so of disintegration odds). And they get to Deathblow (hopefully literally ) Uggos and Tusken for activations . Is 13 really too low for 200 point games? But maybe I'll get some Reserves.

I'm thinking about dropping the JWM and Tusken for Lobot and another Ugnaught... I get more activations, but loose my secondary damager.
Reserves most likely a Human Bodyguard and 3 ugs/ewoks.

(sorry if the names already been used)
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13 is alright. I think you need the JWM for support, Windu fights like a 60 pt peice and will stuggle against higher cost characters. Support might help. Also be careful and protect the scientist. She is easy to drop.
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