Using Iridonian Darkness as a Introduction

Hi, I'm going to start a DoD campaign with a few of my friends and we are all new to the rules and stuff. I was wondering, if it work, to use Iridonian Darkness as an "intro" to the SWRPGSE. So that me and my friends could get used to it.
Starting with a precon is a good way to go but the group would need new char's as starting DoD with experence much less an extra level would be bad idea. I would just have them make there sheets twice and use one for ID and one for DoD, or if they want to make new char's let them.
I was planning to do that. I was going let them use "evil powers" for once.
I'm planning to use a more fleshed-out version of "Roundup on Salliche", the mini-adventure in The Force Unleashed sourcebook. Basically, I'm going to add an encounter at the start, which will be a local group of resistance fighters attacking an Imperial Comms outpost, and the PCs getting caught up in it. And I'm adding to the end a modification of the old WEG adventure from the main SW book ("Mesa 291", I think it's called).

Basically, they're going to be fooled into thinking that Graaf Savraan is setting up a kind of underground railroad to help the families of the resistance fighters to escape, when he is, in fact, trying to figure out who they are. At the same time, Bail Organa has placed Maya among the resistance there to work out Savraan's loyalties, so this will give them a starting place with her.

The finale will be them escaping on a hidden ship, Maya in tow, carrying with her the location of Switch, from DoD 1. She'll split with them off-screen, and this will set up the beginning of DoD 1.

Soon, my pretties! Soon! Mwuhahaha! :D
That's because Saxton has absolutely no idea what he's talking about and is more interested in canonizing his own ridiculous ideas about Star Wars then actually giving a realistic set of data, or at least trying to stay true to the source. And he's got his crowd of fans blowing his ego and promoting his work as if it actually were decent or passable in Star Wars fiction. Everything he's written should be struck, followed by him getting struck a few times. Raul_Torin (Feb 16, 2010)