Two Questions, One Post: Because I'm Efficient

Question 1:

Are there stats for Satal Keto and Aleema Keto? I'm running a campaign set during the Great Sith War and my players are currently on Empress Teta and joining up with an underground resistance. They've been sent there by the Jedi and Republic to keep watchful eye on Ulic Qel-Droma as he attempts to infiltrate the Krath. He doesn't know the party is there.

Anyway, I've looked through the KOTOR Campaign Guide and Threats of the Galaxy and I cannot seem to find any. Do they exist? If not, any suggestions for stats?

Question 2:

I'm trying to figure out how the Dark Side would be seductive for a Light Side Jedi PC. Where's the draw? Aside from getting a DSP for doing something evil, where's the temptation to use the Dark Side? What's the mechanic benefit? I can't seem to find anything written up on it.

On pg. 93 of the SAGA core rulebook there's a sentence that states, "Early on in her training, a Force-user finds that the Dark Side greatly enhances her abilities." Okay, how?

Thanks for the help!
Sorry I can't help with the first question. As for the second, there isn't any benefit other than the power of Force Powers with the Dark Side descriptor. It is pretty stupid because I see almost no tempation to use the Dark Side for anything in Saga. Many people have posted house-rules to make the Dark Side more tempting, but there is nothing official that I'm aware of.
Question 1:

I don't know, but my inclination is no, there aren't.

Question 2:

Jedi Counseling 110 provides an answer to this, but I'll provide another: hit them where it hurts. Kill people they love, find ways to make their character anrgy, etc. Use this method sparingly, however, because it can feel like you're persecuting the player if you're not careful.
While I appreciate the developers' work on the forum, we still have a long way to go.
As far as the "temptation" to use the Dark Side, I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed there doesn't appear to be any real reason to call on the Dark Side other than to use Dark Side powers.

Our house rule right now is that if you use a Force Point and call on the Dark Side the die type of the Force Point goes up by one. So, a 10th level character, when calling upon the Dark Side, can roll 2d8 for 1 DSP. Or 2d10 for 2 DSP. 2d12 for 3 DSP and so on.

But I'm thinking I might want to change that. I'd like to hear other house rules out there...

I like the first variant rule. I think I'll add it to my existing home rule.
The idea of using a Dark Side point to gain the benefits of a Force Point has been around for a long time. This can be dangerous though because players can also use it to save their butts from death if they have no Force Points left. I never see the Dark Side as having any ability to help preserve life.

Also, another variant is the player can accept a Dark Side point when spending a Force point for a bonus to a roll. The effect is that the player gains an additional die to roll and ADDS the rolls together to determine the bonus, not just taking the best.

However, if you choose to implement any house-rule for the Dark Side, I would also add that character's can only spend unused FPs to reduce their Dark Side score immediately when the attain a new level. For example, Kann just made Jedi 6, loses all remaining Force Points and then gains 8 new ones. He has a DS score of 2 and can spend up to two points to remove the 2 DSPs, this would leave him clean, but with fewer points to go through the next level.

Optionally, you can just not let FPs buy of DSPs.
well... long before the prequels came along, it was said that Darth Vader only survived "the molten pit" after losing his duel with Obi-Wan due to his hatred, strong will to live and the power of the Dark Side.

so I can see by this example how the power of the Dark Side can actually help to preserve life - even in a broken husk as Vader's emerging from said "molten pit" of yore.
Question 1:

sorry cant help in this one

Question 2:

I think the dark side talent tree pretty powerfull and tempting and the powers with dark side descriptor deal a lot of dmg.
The quickest, easiest way to make the Dark Side mechanically tempting is this.
"Power of the Dark Side" should not be a talent. It should just be automatic, and Dark Presence should be the pre-req for the rest of the Dark Side talents.

Solves it nicely.

As others have said before, most of the benefits to using the Dark Side are roleplaying more than mechanical, though Dark Rage and Force Lightning can be mighty tempting.
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Unleashed has an optional rule that allows you to temporarily add a [dark side] force power to your suit at the cost of a force point. This adds a DSP, so you'll likely end up with two DSP: one for 'calling on the dark side' and one for using the power. I'm AFB, so all of this is from memory.
I reward darkside points when the Jedi players use their powers for the purpose of hurting and gaining power, when their actions are fuled by hate, anger, vengance, fear etc.

The Dark side is ever present. The lure is in what the characters use the force for, how they use it and what they wish to achieve with it.

An example:
The characters had been kidnapped by a gang of villans, to be sold for bounty. Fighting their way out the Jedi had armed them selves with vibro-axes, lacking their lightsabers. As a result they start using their force-powers for fighting purposes instead of doing normal melee attack (-5 penalty since they weren't proficient with a vibro-axe).

At the end they Characters both recieved a darkside point for their actions. Since in the end their actions were fuled by frustration, and the need to vanquish their enemy rather than pacifying it.
As Hyborian_Wanderer mentioned, the Force Unleashed CG has a a couple of options for adding dark side temptation.

1.) Spend a Force Point to add any power with the [dark side] descriptor to your Force power suite. The power is good for one use, or until the encounter ends. Plus, you get a shiny new Dark Side point if you choose to use the power. A Jedi Knight with Force Point Recovery can safely use Force Lightning once per encounter, gain back the Force Point he used to gain the power and increase his DS score by one each time. After a while, those DSPs will slowly begin to add up for a reckless player.

2.) You can also spend a Force Point to temporarily gain the use of any talent from the Dark Side, Dark Side Devotee or Sith talent trees. You can spend a FP to temporarily gain Power of the Dark Side, then another to gain Swift Power if you choose (since by accepting Power of the Dark Side, you meet the requirement for Swift Power, albiet temporarily). Basically, any Force Sensitive character with a couple of Force Points to burn can gain one of more of these talents at any time. The trade off is a Dark Side point (or two, or three...).

Something I've done in my own games is to tempt the player directly with a mechanical benefit. Sometimes I would simply pass the player a quick handwritten note, or I might try to phrase the possible benefits into the roleplaying. It didn't always work out, but sometimes it was exactly what the player needed, and he figured hey, what's one DSP anyway? Next session, the player might choose to repeat his dark side performance, since one little DSP wasn't a real big deal. I had one player get dangerously close to crossing the threshold this way.

"Spending a Force Point, huh? Wanna automatically double the result? All you gotta do is accept a Dark Side point. How about it?"

"You really want to hit that Gamorrean elite over there? Accept a dark side point and I'll let you take 10 on the attack. That should be enough to hit him *wink, wink*."

"A little Force Lightning would do the trick here. All it will cost you is one measly little DSP. You can always atone for it later, right? Whaddya say?"
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I posted Aleema Keto stats in this thread here:

No Sato Keto stats because he dies so quickly.
As far as the "temptation" ... Our house rule right now is that if you use a Force Point and call on the Dark Side the die type of the Force Point goes up by one. So, a 10th level character, when calling upon the Dark Side, can roll 2d8 for 1 DSP. Or 2d10 for 2 DSP. 2d12 for 3 DSP and so on.

But I'm thinking I might want to change that. I'd like to hear other house rules out there...

We use a similar system but a bit more simple. Instead of a d6 you roll a d10 (if you have the feat strong in the force it's a d12)

...and it also helps when the opportunity comes along to call on the darkside and the other players mock palpatine and say "do it"

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