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Hey guys, 

I'm fairly new to magic so forgive me not fully understanding the stack.

When I attack with, by example, a 5/5 creature. My opponent chooses not to defend, can I now tap 5 manacards to Bloodrush Wrecking Ogre to give the opponent 5/5 + 3/3 double strike = 16 damage?

Double strike 3/3
Bloodrush — 3RedRed, Discard Wrecking Ogre: Target attacking creature gets +3/+3 and gains double strike until end of turn.
The bloodrush ability states the power and ability is given to an attacking creature, this is why I came to the conclusion it ís an option. My brother doesn't believe it.
Thanks in advance

Assuming you have the Wrecking Ogre in your hand, yes, that works.