Full Moon's Rise

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Full Moon's Rise


Player A attacks opponents planeswalker with his 5/5 werewolf creature. Player B declares 5/1 blocker.

Player A sacrifices Full Moon's Rise to save his werewolf.


Is 4 damage still going onto planeswalker or he cant do that ?

No. In order to save his werewolf your opponent needs to sacrifice Full Moon's Rise before the combat damage step, in the declare blockers step at the latest. So the enchantment isn't around to grant his creature trample when combat damage is assigned (a turn based action in the combat dmaage step, which happens before anyone can do anything else in that step). Since the creature doesn't have trample at that point, he cannot assign any combat damage to the planeswalker. Note, that the +1/+0 form the enchantment will also be lost, so the Werewolf will be a 4/5 right after he sacrifices Full Moon's Rise.

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