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This happened the other night when playing. Somone had a 10/10 indestructible out. they attacked with it, before blockers were declared they dealt 5 damage to it with a spell which is not leathal damage, then blocked the creature with a 5/5 with Wither (deals damage as -1/-1 counters) would the indestructable creature die?

No, for the same reason that dealing 10 damage to it outright wouldn't kill it: Indestructible creatures can't be destroyed by lethal damage.

no because indestructible creatures can not be "Destroyed". it would simply be a 5/5 indestructible when combat damage is reset.

and again if it where to be blocked again with a power 5 infect/ wither it would be a 0/0 but still not destroyed

Because Trample

It wont. To get rid of it you have to give it ten -1/-1 counters not just 5. It was as if you dealt a 5/5 indestructible creature 5 damage which wont kill it.


The only ways to get rid of an indestructible creature are the following:


Bounce it (Unsummon)

- Give it ten -1/-1 counters(Blightsteel Colossus) or in the example above have Doubling Season in play

- Remove it from the game(Path to Exile)

- Remove the indestructible ability and kill it normally.  For example; Snakeform, Ovinize, or Sudden Spoiling


I am not sure if I got it all so please feel free to jump in with a more complete list.

There is also effects that tribute monsters, or just send them to the graveyard.


702.12. Indestructible

702.12a Indestructible is a static ability.

702.12b A permanent with indestructible can't be destroyed. Such permanents aren't destroyed by lethal damage, and they ignore the state-based action that checks for lethal damage (see rule 704.5g).

Complete list of things that can't happen to a creature with indestructible:

  • 704.5g If a creature has toughness greater than 0, and the total damage marked on it is greater than or equal to its toughness, that creature has been dealt lethal damage and is destroyed. Regeneration can replace this event.

  • 704.5h If a creature has toughness greater than 0, and it's been dealt damage by a source with deathtouch since the last time state-based actions were checked, that creature is destroyed. Regeneration can replace this event.

  • destroy

Things that can happen to a creature with indestructible:

Anything not on the above list.

No, I am not a judge. That's why I like to quote sources such as the rules that trump judges.

Sacrifice also works against those pesky indestructibles.

You could also freeze it.

Tax evasion is nothing but legitimate self-defense against the theft that is tax collection.

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