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I know that the mana pool is erased in every phase, but I didn't know anything about the life draining.

If a player uses a Dark Ritual and plays a Doom Blade, and can't spend the last one mana, would he lose 1 life for non spending that mana?

(That's because I was playing a burn and a player killed himself saying that fact, and I said: oh well, ok xD)

What you're referring to is called Mana Burn. Prior to magic 2010, any unspent mana would cause you to lose that much life when it emptied from the mana pool. That rule no longer exists, and life is no longer lost when mana disappears.

Mana empties from the pool at the end of every step and phase, but there is no associated "mana burn" to cause a loss of life. That changed back when Magic 2010 was released.

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