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Its been years since I've played this game, and I'm just reaffirming something. If you play an artifact or a special land card that allows you to retrieve a specific mana type and play it, is this ability limited to only being able to play one mana in a turn? Or is this something that you may do 'in addition to' this rule. For instance I play one red mana from my hand, then I tap my artifact "Prophetic Prism" wich allows me to tap it and tap another mana and add one mana of any color to my mana pool. Am I allowed to use this ability, or does the one mana per turn rule trump it?

Mana is not the same as land, just as milk is not the same as a cow. Lands are permanents on the battlefield. Mana is an invisible resource you get from lands (and sometimes other sources) that you then use to pay for spells and abilities.

You're allowed to play only one land in each of your turns. However, there's no limit to how many lands you can put onto the battlefield (via something like Farseek, for example), provided there's an effect letting you do so.

Prophetic Prism doesn't put lands onto the battlefield. It just provides mana, in the same way that tapping an Island produces mana.

Okay, I believe I am understanding this. So by tapping Prophetic Prism I am just saying I am using whatever color mana I choose so that I may cast a spell. I'm not actually adding any permanents to the battlefield. Thank you so much for clearing this up. 

Right. For example, if you control only two Plains and a Prophetic Prism, you could tap one Plains for , pay that and tap the Prophetic Prism for , and also tap your other Plains for another to get total, and use that mana to cast Fleecemane Lion.

Awesome. Thank you. I'm so glad I'm getting back into this game. lol

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