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What happens when my opponent uses an instant which says "Destroy target enchantment" on my creature which is made an enchantment that make it hexproof?

I think your question is "My creature is enchanted with an aura that gives the creature hexproof. Can my opponent target the aura?" If so, the answer is yes. The creature gets hexproof, but the aura doesn't, so the aura can be targeted as normal like any other enchantment.

If that's not your question, please clarify (and use actual cards).

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I'm not sure what you are asking.


If your creature has an aura that grants the creature hexproof, that does not protect the aura.  To protect the aura it would need to be worded like Diplomatic Immunity


Edit: Sorry, changed the card, I was mis-remembering Robe of Mirrors.

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Sorry but my explanation. But you got it exactly. Understood. Thanks.

You couldn't destroy the enchantment with Strip Bare, because that would require targetting the hexproof creature (which you cannot do).  But you can Disenchant / Naturalize an aura attached to a hexproof creature just fine.

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