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When cards have a description that says 'Add (x amount of mana) to your mana pool' do you search the deck to find that many lands and add them to the pool?

For instance;
Card Name: Dark Ritual
Card Type: Instant
Effect: Add (3 swamps) to your mana pool.

Would I need 3 swamps in my hand in order to make use of the effect, or would I search my deck for 3 swamps then shuffle, or would the lands be added as tokens without needing any swamps?

I would normally assume it meant searching the deck and adding the mana to your mana pool then shuffle, but other cards have descriptions that tell you to do exactly that and the word 'Add' on some cards can be misunderstood.

Thanks for the help!
Lands are not mana and mana isnt lands.

Dark Ritual add 3 black mana to your mana pool not 3 swamps.

Here is a good link on lands and mana from the main rules faq sticky.

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Alright so would I add 3 black mana tokens to my mana pool then?
There is no such thing as a mana token. Playing Dark Ritual does the same thing as tapping three Swamps for mana. You get three black mana.

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Your mana pool isn't a physical thing; it's just the place your mana goes in between you creating it (by using lands, Dark Ritual, or what-have-you) and spending it on spells or abilities. Since it's fairly likely you're going to use the mana you created from your Ritual pretty much immediately there is no need to use tokens to represent it (and it'll disappear at the end of the phase if you don't use it anyway).
Alright I understand now, thanks everyone for the help!
Adding to your mana pool doesn't give you extra lands, it just simulates the action of tapping three Swamps for mana. You get to use the mana this once, and then it's gone. That's a very informal description though, and you should probably get more familiar with the rules of what "mana" actually means.
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