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Do tokens have a converted mana cost of zero? Or is it just nothing?

I ask because I had necroplasm in play, my opponent had a few tokens, so the end of the turn that I played necroplasm, it would destroy each creature with a converted mana cost of 0 correct? Since there are 0 counters on it.
I say the tokens would be destroyed because of a 0 mana cost.
He says they are unaffected because they have no mana cost.

I'm not sure whether I'm right or wrong, I'm a little confused but it sounds like I'm right from reading the following rules:

203.1d Tokens have no mana cost unless the effect that creates them specifies otherwise.

203.3a The converted mana cost of an object with no mana cost is 0.
this is correct,

tokens generally have a converted mana cost of 0

with exceptions to copying target creature, then everything from that creature
will be copied even their converted mana cost
Yes, you're right, the converted mana cost of a token is (usually) 0, since it has no mana cost.

Keep in mind, though, that tokens that are copies of things (such as Spawnwrithe or Mirror-Sigil Sergeant tokens) have the same mana costs as the things they're copies of.
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