are lands colored permanents?

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under "Lands" on wiki ( it states:

Lands are the quardinating color of which you use it as, not colorless. (So if you play a Basic mountain it's a red permanent)

This doesn't seem to be in agreement with what I read in the 10th edition rules (where it says lands are colorless permanents). Is Wiki wrong?
That is WRONG. Color is determined my mana cost. Since Lands do not have a mana cost they are colorless by default. There are a few lands that have color, but their abilities specifically say so.
that's what I thought, but I thought there might be some rules change somewhere that I missed. So it seems somebody screwed up editing Wiki.
Such is the hazard of using Wikipedia.
Something like the rules of a complicated game like Magic are exactly the type of thing I wouldn't trust Wikipedia for. While most of the article looks pretty sound, anyone can put anything they want in there, and someone might catch it right away.

It looks like that is a recent revision, I'm sure someone will fix it soon.
I just fixed that section of the wiki for you.
All Generalizations are Bad
Cool. I might have made the change myself, but I really wanted to check with people here and make sure I was correct before proceeding.

Someone not being 100% sure is probably how the problem got there in the first place.

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