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What is the difference?
Vintage tends to have a higher power level than Legacy. Vintage has a restricted list (you can have a maximum of 1 copy of those particular cards in a deck), but doesn't ban cards due to power level concerns (Vintage's banned list consists of ante cards, manual dexterity cards, and Shahrazad. Legacy, on the other hand, does have a banned list, where you can't have any of those cards in your deck.

Here's the link to the Banned/Restricted list.
Both formats allow the same pool of sets to choose cards from.

Many cards are restricted in Vintage, which means you may play one of that card in a deck. No cards are restricted in Legacy.

The list of cards banned in Vintage is very short, consisting (at present) of nine cards. All cards are banned for one of two basic reasons; they reqire that you play for ante (ie wager one or more cards on the outcome of the match, with the winner gaining legal ownership of those cards) or they place excessive demands on resources required (space, time or number of judges) to hold a tournament. Additionally, two require a certain amount of dexterity to use. The Legacy banned list is much larger, and consists of many cards banned for power-level reasons; many of these cards appear on the Vintage restricted list.
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