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So can you use Magus of the Jar in response to braids, conjuror adepts ability?
Magus of the Jar Braids, Conjurer Adept
Yes. Braids has a triggered ability that goes on the stack at the beginning of the upkeep. In response to this, you can use the Magus' ability. This will give you a hand of 7 cards. Then, when Braids abillity resolves, you can put one of those cards in play.
Assuming your Magus can use his sacrifice abilty ( since Braids triggers during Upkeep) you could sacrifice the Magus in response to Braids' ability triggering.....but you would not be able to both choose to sacrifice the Magus to both Braids and still get it's own sac ability. You would have to sacrifice your Magus while Braids' ability was on the stack, but before it resolves, and you have to choose targets for it.

I hope that helps....I always seem to make things more complicated than I need to.

Oops, wrong bad..sorry thinking of the Black one.....
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