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Can I cast Flash and choose not to put a creature into play?

What happens if I cast Flash with no creature in my hand?

Thank you!

Refer to the Oracle text of Flash. The Oracle text now says that you may put a creature card into play. If you do not have a creature card or do not want to put one into play, then you are allowed to choose to not put a creature card into play.
I believe can't, but I am no expert. It won't happen since you don't have any creature in your hand thus, the effect won't even resolve or it won't let you play the card.
Yes, you can play it without a creature in hand. You may also play it with a creature in hand and choose not to put that creature into play. When the spell resolves, you choose whether or not to put a creature into play. If you choose not to (whether or not you have a creature in hand), then you just put Flash into your graveyard with no other effect.

Thanks, guys


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