infinite problem with Blowfly Infestation and Flourishing Defenses?

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If you have a 1/1 creature in play and your opponent has a creature with a -1/-1 counter into play, and you also have Blowfly Infestation and Flourishing Defenses in play, what happens when you kill the creature with the counter on it?

It would seem that you would kill off his creature ,put a -1/-1 counter on your creature, also putting a 1/1 green elf warrior token into play, then also having to place a -1/-1 counter on your green elf warrior ... etc...

Am I looking at this the right way? Thanks
It's only potentially unbounded if you have a second */1 creature; you have to choose the targets for the Infestation's ability at the time the ability goes on the stack, which is when the creature dies, so you'd have to have another creature around to target at that time.

Also, even if that was the case, since you control both abilities and they will be triggering at the same time, you'd be able to choose to have the Infestation trigger resolve before the Defenses trigger, so you could make it so that your 1/1 dies on an empty board (stopping the Infestation) before the Defenses trigger resolves and gives you a 1/1.

And if all else fails, you could just choose not to put an Elf into play with the Defenses.

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Thanks I didn't realize that the 1/1 elf warrior token was optional.
There have been a lot of similar questions recently. I just saw a couple as I was perusing the first page of this forum. I would like to take the time to try to fully explain this interaction. I am certain one of the dedicated forumers here will be certain to point out any flaws in my logic.

I assume in your scenario, the creatures you mentioned are the only ones in play. When the one with the counter went to the graveyard, it triggered two abilities: the one from the Blowfly Infestation and the one from the Flourishing Defenses. Both triggers go onto the stack, so you must choose your creature as the target, since the other one is not yet in play.

Then, two things could happen, both of which will lead to the same two options: You could stack the Blowfly Infestation first, then the Flourishing Defenses. The Flourishing Defenses creates a creature, giving you a target for Blowfly Infestation's counter. This causes a loop which can only be interrupted by opting not to put a token into play via Flourishing Defenses. Then the Blowfly Infestation resolves, killing your final creature. Then Flourishing Defenses triggers. You then have the choice to put a token into play or not.

Alternately, you could stack the Flourishing Defenses first, followed by the Blowfly Infestation. The Blowfly Infestation then has no creature to target, so its effect does not happen. Then Flourishing Defenses triggers. You then have the choice to put a token into play or not.

Any questions?
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