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Ok, I have a Blowfly Infestation in play. My opponent plays Disenchant on it. I respond before Disenchant has resolved and play Scar on his 1/1 creature(doesn't matter what creature). Scar resolves and his creature dies since it has a toughness of 0 now. Does Blowfly trigger, allowing me to place a -1/-1 counter onto another creature before Disenchant resolves, or does it resolve first, keeping me from placing the -1/-1 counter? Thanks!
The stack resolves one object at a time. When your Scar resolves, and the creature is put into the graveyard, the Disenchant has not yet resolved, and Blowfly Infestation is still in play. So Blowfly will trigger, and go on top of the stack, then it will resolve and you put the -1/-1 counter somewhere. Then Disenchant resolves and destroys Blowfly.
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Thanks. That's what I thought and I tried explaining it that way to my buddy, but he didn't believe me. He tried telling me that I had to let Disenchant resolve first before I could use Blowfly.
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