Tatterkite and incremental blight

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is Tatterkite a valid target for Incremental Blight?

I'm thinking you could use Tatterkite as a target however he would simply not get any -1/-1 tokens
That's correct.

Incremental Blight doesn't say "target creature that can have counters put on it" or anything like that. As long as Tatterkite is a creature, it's a valid target for one of Incremental Blight's targets. The spell won't be able to do very much to it, though, as you suspect. The spell does as much as it can, but no more.

Note that this is different from the unpayable cost of putting a counter on Tatterkite. You can't pay unpayable costs, but you can attempt to perform impossible actions as part of an effect (it just won't accomplish anything).
You are correct.
Can incremental blight be used on shroud creatures? Obciously it can target the scion but can it target other faeries in play whilst the scion is in play?
No. The Blight targets, so you cannot target a creature with shroud or protection from black.

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