2 Qs: blink cmc and permanents in library?

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I heard that autocarding is causing problems, so forgive me for not doing so...

first off...
If my opponent has Gaddock Teeg in play and I have a Momentary Blink in my graveyard, can I still play it through flashback?

If I have Enchanted Evening in play can I play Idyllic Tutor and search for a creature/land/planeswalker/artifact? Likewise If I am attacking with Zur the Enchanter can I put a creature(etc.) into play?
I think the issue with autocard has been fixed.

1) Yes. Blink's CMC is always 2, regardless of what you pay for it.

2) No. Enchanted Evening only affects permanents (cards or tokens in the in-play zone). It doesn't affect cards in other zones.
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