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Ok, i was just trying to figure out an interaction between Nether Traitor and a wrath effect.

When wrath happens, you choose in which order your creatures go to the graveyard, correct?

So, if one were to have a Nether Traitor and another creature in play when wrath goes off, could the Traitor be sent first, and then when the other guy enters the graveyard, pay 1 for the Traitor, having it return?
Wrath of God
Nether Traitor
No, when Wrath of God resolves, all creatures are destroyed simultaneously. (You get to choose the order that you physically stack them in your graveyard, but they get there at the same time.) Nether Traitor must already be in the graveyard when another creature is destroyed in order to trigger.
ah, ok i see. thanks. kudos on the quick response time, lol
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