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Simple question, just need a 2nd person to back me up on a rules argument (they want a 2nd).

Can Silkbind Faerie enchanted by Power of Fire use it's ability to untap itself (paying the two mana of course) targetting itself to tap, then while the tap is on the stack, use Power of Fire's tapping ability to deal one damage to another creature? The power of Fire's one damage comes off the stack first, then the tapping, which has no effect since Silkbind would already be tapped.

Also, can Silkbind target an already tapped creature?

Thanks much!
Correct and yes.

The targetting restriction on Silkbind Faerie is "target creature", not "target untapped creature". (Compare with Traitor's Roar.)
Yes, Silkbind is able to tap to do a point of damage before the "tap target creature" abilty resolves.

I don't know about the second one.
you guys rock, thank you! I won the argument, and hence the card (we staked a card on it after it got heated).
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