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In T2 can use basic lands form past blocks such as Ravnica, can I use Llanowar Elves or Akroma, the Angel of Wrath, if they are not from X edition or the Timeshifted and are valid the cards in Duel Pack:Elves vs Goblins?
you can use any magic card as long as it has been printed in a current T2 block
T2 Includes:

Coldsnap (set only)

Timespiral BLOCK

Tenth Edition (X is the symbol)

Lorwyn Mini-Block

Shadowmoor Mini-Block.

Any card with everything on it the same exept for teh expansion symbol, artist, Copywrite Year, Collecter Number, and Border color as a card in any set in t2 may be used. the simplest way to say that is "has the same name". :P

Note: Un glued/hinged basic lands may be used and basic lands only, as they have no functions that ruin game state like the rest of unhighed/glued.