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During any given step after the basic actions have been taken is there only "one stack"? For example after attackers are declared can someone use siege gang commander's ability once let it resolve and then do it again and again before the next step. Or must he do it all in one shot. In this case I could respond by playing "terror" on siege gang commander after he had used the ability three times, it would resolve first and his abilities would all fizzle?
There is only one stack. It always exists, even if it is empty. You do not move on to the next step or phase until all players pass on an empty stack without doing anything. So yes, they can play the ability of the Commander, let it resolve, and then play it again before moving to the next step or phase.

Also, once an ability is on the stack, it exists independant of the source that made it. Destroying the Commander will do nothing to the abilities that are already on the stack: they'll resolve just like normal.

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How does this work if I am attacking wth two 1/1 elf tokens backed by an Imperious Perfect (effectively making the elf tokens 2/2) and an opponent uses Terror on the Perfect? Do the tokens then attack as 1/1, or do the attacks resolve before the Perfect hits the graveyard?
If the Perfect is destroyed before the Combat Damage step begins, the Elves are 1/1's and each assign/deal 1 damage.

If the Perfect is destroyed after the Combat Damage step began, the Elves were 2/2's and each had assigned 2 damage.
Causing their power to drop, by removing the Perfect, will NOT affect the fact that they had assigned 2 damage, which IS how much damage they will deal.
I cannot get the rulebook to load, so I have to ask, because the phases are confusing to me. I assume that there is a step where you declare attackers, and then a blocker phase, and then a damage phase; if my opponent is playing the instant while he declares his blockers then it works in time. That about right?
Text; The Rules
FAQ; Turn Structure

The Combat Phase is divided into 5 Steps; [1]Beginning of Combat, [2]Declare Attackers, [3]Declare Blockers, [4]Combat Damage, and [5]End of Combat.

If the Perfect is removed before the Combat Damage step begins, meaning in the Declare Blockers at the latest, then the Elves will be 1/1's and only assign/deal 1 Combat Damage.
Thanks, especially for that text document link.
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