Baldwyr Intimidator VS. Multiple Blockers

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Ok if my friend has out Baldwyr Intimidator and attacks with Warriors, If I block each creature with more than 1 creature, does he have to pay the (R) to turn each individual creature into a coward or the (R) for each group of blocking creatures to make them all cowards. And if he can't pay for every blocking creature in each group do the non-cowards in the group still block the attacking creature that the group was assigned to block?
If he plays the ability AFTER Blockers have been Declared, then it will do nothing.

Blocking Restrictions are only relevant AS Blockers are Declared.
He must turn your creatures into cowards before you block with them. This can be done any time before the declare blockers step. At the beginning of the declare blockers step, you declare your blockers, and anything that is a coward at that time cannot be declared to block something that is a warrior at that time.
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