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Hello . . . I got interested in Magic in the early 90's along with my children and their friends . . . combos can be a little confusing to me sometimes . . . if I play Colossus and he is tapped and I untap him with Puppet Strings would I still have to pay the 9? . . . probably a lame question for you pro's . . . any help would be appreciated.

No. The untapping ability of the Colossus is an activated ability. It does not force you to pay anything if it becomes untapped another way, so you will not have to pay an additional 9 if you untap it with the Strings.

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Maybe you have an old version of colossus of sardia and the wording is confusing you. Maybe things will clear a bit if you click the link I just made and read the oracle text.

Basically, paying 9 is simply the cost of an activated ability that allows you to untap colossus during your upkeep. It is by no mean the only way to untap him and untapping him doesn't force you to use that ability.
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