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Okay, two quick ones, kind sirs.

1. In two headed giant, I've got an Obsidian Battle-Axe in play. My teammate plays a Wren's Run Vanquisher. Can I attach the Axe to it? How about if my opponent is the one who plays the Warrior?

2. Costs are paid as soon as the spell is played right? So let's say my opponent has a Fodder Launch in hand and one Goblin. I have one creature, and instant speed removal in hand (say, Terror), I won't be able to respond to the Launch by Terror-ing his Goblin so he can't pay the cost, right?

Many thanks!
1: Yes. If it was only able to be attached to your stuff, it would have a 'under your control' on it.

2: Correct. Once your opponent has priority, he can play it and you won't be able to stop it by destroying the goblin.
1) Using the triggered ability of the Axe, yes, you can attach it to any Warrior that comes into play, not just under your control.

2) Correct; just like any other cost, one cannot respond to 'as an additional cost' payments. If you suspect he has one in hand, you can try to destroy it, but once he's cast the spell and paid all costs, it's too late.

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