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My opponent plays the spell Train of Thought and also Replicates that spell. I counter the original, but not the copy, does that mean that both are countered OR the copy still happens?

I know it is probably a silly question, but I need written proof to send my friends to this page.

Thanks :D
The copy will not be countered, because the copy wasn't countered (unless you happened to use Swift Silence).

When your opponent played Train of Thought, the Replicate ability triggered and was put on the stack. Nothing that you do to Train of Thought after that point will have any effect on that ability, or on the copies that it creates.

If you want to stop the copies, you will either have to counter the replicate ability (with, for instance, Stifle), or counter the copies individually.
The copy still happens. Replicate is a triggered ability that occurs when you play the spell, regardless of whether or not it resolves. (Note that Replicate copies aren't played, but put on the stack just as with Storm and Conspire copies.)

Stifle, however, will defeat the Replicate ability. Then you can counter the original spell and it all goes away.
That makes sense, I appreciate the help.
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