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Hello every1,
yesterday while playing we had a doubt about the ability of the Preeminent Captain. I had one in play, with 2 Cenn's Tactician in play too. I declared my attack phase, attacking with the captain, so I chose to put in play a Changeling Hero, championing one of the tacticians. Before the champion took effect, I tapped the tactician to add a +1/+1 counter on the captain, and my oponent responded using a Nameless Inversion on the captain.

Would the hero be put into play? or I can't because the captain's not in play anymore?

Abilities are independent from their source. Once you declare attackers the Captain will trigger and the ability will be put on the stack. Removing 'Cap' from the game will not stop the triggered ability from resolving.

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Also, be aware that you do not choose what Card to put into play until the Captains trigger resolves.

Thus, your opponent can not wait until you choose the Hero to be put into play to try to Stifle the triggered ability.
ok, thanks a lot
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