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Welcome to Magic the Gatherings Rules Q&A forum.
You've got a question, let's help you ask it.

#1: Ask yourself "[b]Is this a Rules question?[/b]"[indent]Each forum of these boards holds specific content. Along with that content comes people, and the occasional program, that are experts in that field of content. So, for you to get the quickest, best answer to your question, be sure to ask it in the right place.

If your question does not pertain to the Rules and or Rulings, do not ask it in this forum.
Examples of NonRules Related Questions
"How Do I accomplish a certain Action on Magic the Gathering: Online?"
[indent]This question belongs in the " Client Interface Questions" forum [/indent]
"I've found a bug on Magic the Gathering: Online, what should I do?"
[indent]This question belongs in the Magic Online Bugs and Technical Issues Discussion forum[/indent]
"How do I make [___] appear in my post?"
[indent]Questions about the Boards, themselves, and how to post certain things belong TCG Boards Business forum [/indent]
"Is my Deck any good?" / "How can I improve my deck?"
[indent]Deck Critiques can be found in anyone of the forums found here; Casual or Sanctioned Tournament[/indent]
"How should I use [___]?" / "I'm looking for a card that does [___]" / "Can you improve my Combo?"
[indent]Questions like these are best suited for the Card Strategies & Combos forum [/indent]
[/indent]#2: Ask yourself "Can I answer my own question?"[indent]Here are some resources that you can use to try to answer your own question.
Remember, We’re not just here to answer your questions.
We’re also here to help you become self-reliant.

Done all that? Still can't find your answer?
Then, let's proceed.[/indent]#3: Let's create that thread! [indent]#A: The Title
[indent] This Title should reflect one or more of the aspects of your question.
This will help the next user who scans the titles of the existing threads.
You have a question about Grizzly Bears;
[indent] "Grizzly Bears Question"[/indent]
You have a Question about how Phasing and Echo interact;
[indent]"Phasing and Echo"[/indent]

Please don’t just make a thread entitled "Help", "Need an answer ASAP", "In the middle of a game", etc.

Is the Question about a Spoiled card? Then, PUT [*Spoiler*] into the Threads Title.
[indent]"[*Spoiler*] Question about Island"[/indent]Be sure to include the Text of the card in Question, and use Spoiler/Sblock tags; See Below.[/indent]
#B: Grammar
[indent]Use proper spelling, punctuation and grammar.
We can't help you if we can't understand you.[/indent]
#C: Tagging
[noparse][C][/noparse]Grizzly Bears[/C] = Grizzly Bears
[C=Grizzly Bears]Yogi Bear[/C] = Yogi Bear
[noparse][/nopae]pan>pan yle="olo:le">pan>pan yle="olo:ed"> =
[noparse][/nopae]pan>pan yle="olo:le">YZpan>pan yle="olo:ed"> = YZ
[noparse][/nopae]pan>pan yle="olo:le">pan>pan yle="olo:ed"> =
[noparse][/nopae]pan>pan yle="olo:le">pan>pan yle="olo:ed"> =
[noparse][spoiler][/noparse]Text[/spoiler] =

[noparse][Sblock][/noparse]Text[/Sblock] =
#D: Details, Details, Details
[indent]Try to include as much relevant detail in your question as possible.
A specific question will get a specific answer.
  • What do you want to know?
  • What don't you understand?
  • What do you think will happen?

Remember, We don’t need to know your entire life story; "Just the facts, Ma’am." [/indent][/indent] #4: Proofread your Thread [indent]Make sure you dotted all your "i"s and crossed all your "t"s.

Hit the Preview Button. [size=5]-> IMAGE(<a href="http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f84/wildkavu/Preview.jpg" title="http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f84/wildkavu/Preview.jpg" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">i45.photobucket.com/albums/f84/wildkavu/...</a>) <- [/size]

Go back though your thread, check all your links. Do they all work?
Does the way you posed your question make sense to you?[/indent] #5: Let's post that Thread![indent]-> IMAGE(<a href="http://boards1.wizards.com/images/buttons/magic/black/newthread.gif" title="http://boards1.wizards.com/images/buttons/magic/black/newthread.gif" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">boards1.wizards.com/images/buttons/magic...</a>) <-

Now, someone will be around shortly to respond to your query.
Please be patient.[/indent]
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